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    Why most of the jokes published in media are on politics and wife-husband?

    Jokes are one of the media content that brings laughter to our face. In news papers, various weekly and monthly published magzines regularly provide jokes content in them. Some publishers also publish jokes books separately to lure the customers. In joke content we find many jokes are based on wife-husband and on politicians. Why these people become main objects for the creation of jokes for the authors? Generally what type of characters involved in joke creation other than the above individuals? Members try to create one nice joke for our ISC members to laugh instantly.
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    Jokes between wife and husband are popular since ab initio. Probably that started long back when people started to socialise and share their experiences with each there. The relation between the wife and husband is the most natural one and requires a lot of mutual faith, understanding, and sacrifice. And that is the perfect premises for generation of jokes. Coming to the politicians, they are the cynosure of public attention and people keep a watch on them and their activities and that is the platform conducive to generate a number of jokes and anecdotes on them.
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    An interesting observation from the author as jokes on politicians and wife and husband combination always amuse the people and hence carried much on the media. The politicians are acting as buffoon as they get targeted and even loose the credibility through their loose talk and thus become the jokers in the hands of media. Likewise for husband he always has the grudge on how to take the overtures of the wife, but he cannot do so openly for obvious reasons, and thus take solace and feel happy when jokes take a ride on wife and her incompetence and even wife would be having similar expectations and therefore the jokes on wife and husband are always liked and even forwarded to many. When a wife takes her husband to doctor complaining that he keeps talking when sleeping, the doctor says when you are not allowing him to talk all through the day, what else he can do? Nice joke!
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    These days we see many jokes about Politicians. Actually, the way the majority of politicians behave will make us laugh a lot. For example from the last one month or so the Telangana CM started abusing BJP and Modi. But from the last two days after the results of UP, he is silent and many jokes are rounding around on him. His way of talking itself is like a joke. There are many politicians like that.
    Wife and husband relation is a very strong relation. In fact, Maa Parvathi is half of Lord Shiva. Such is the relation between the wife and husband. The personal matters related to them should not come out anytime. But the people will enjoy these jokes as they can't tell openly how they are enjoying their married life. So they have become very famous and many people like to see more and more jokes about this relationship.

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