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    If we cannot accommodate with other cultures then how can we expect them to do so?

    It is said that reasons of most of the conflicts in this world are mainly due to the cultural differences between the various communities. Generally a community would not respect to the traditions and values of other cultures. This leads to enmity and bitterness between them. We daily hear the news of fighting and conflicts between the different groups. Everyone says that other community should respect their traditions. But how it is possible when we are not respecting their values and beliefs. If we cannot accommodate with other communities then how can we expect them to accommodate with us? How can we inculcate good feelings in the minds of the people for other communities? Is there a way out? What do you think about this matter?
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    Unfortunately except India no other country in the world are having so many cultures and religion in one place and the greatness of our country is that we are accommodating the feelings and pride of each religion and their culture since many eras and peoples need to be complemented for this and the politicians are the main culprits who tries to divide the people on faith, culture and religion. The main aim of some of religions across the world that their supremacy should exist and others be subdued and this feeling of overtures makes the competition to outsmart each other and in that melee even wars could be triggered. Actually people are living in harmony as every neighbor is the different community and they are respected and regarded and that is why Mosque, Mandir exists side by side and each have their own prayers and priorities.
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    India is a unique country where diversity in unity exists. I believe that the people of the country are very tolerant and they never go for controversy with other community people. I have seen many Hindus going to the places of worship of Muslims and many Muslims going to Hindu temples. But unfortunately, the politicians try to divide and rule the people. They try to create differences of opinion between people. They try to create differences between communities and see the fun. As such we are seeing many such disputes.
    All people should be accommodative. They should not abuse the people of other religions and they should allow people to be free to select whatever religion they like. No one should force others to change their faiths and they should not create rifts. Then only others also will behave like that

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    We have to accommodate other cultures also but on no account we should argue that one culture is greater than others. Every culture is great and one but the practice is different. The chaos got raised only if one argued his or her culture is great and insulting other culture. If this understanding prevailed the inter religion marriages got succeeded.

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