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    Introspection should accompany next action plans

    When we come across failures we get dejected and sometimes does not want to touch the same subject again. But that should not be our mentality. Instead, deep introspection is needed and that should accompany the next action plans so that whatever is lost is regained. A wise person never gets dejected over failures and he takes such steps to recover whatever has been lost and to restore the glory. Winning and losing is part of life but how to win the next time should have the best strategy to outsmart the opponents. What is your take on the subject and give your opinion?

    {Edited. The author is advised to desist from coming up with the same topic in different forms}
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    I fully agree with Mohan Sir. Uttering 'Introspection' for the sake of diverting criticism will not benefit in the long-term. Introspection must be followed by definite action plan. Action plan is the result of introspection. This is true for a common man as well as for a political leader.
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    Introspection is to know the root cause of the problem and an action plan is to see that we will overcome the problem in future endeavours. Troubleshooting is introspection and trouble solving is the action plan. Introspection is diagnosis and action is to treat the illness identified in the diagnosis. So both are required in all the fields. Even in our work front also we will be getting many issues. Why that issue has come where is the mistake should be by our own introspection and then we should take actions so that mistakes will be rectified and will not happen again.
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    Introspection is the crucial part if we are really interested to take timely action of our own flaws. We need to spare sometime for through examination of the steps we have taken so far for achieving results. Maybe we are not not satisfied with the outcome we are getting despite their best efforts. Introspection will help us modify the existing ways being undertaken.This should be done periodically so that the ultimate results are obtained as per our expectations.

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