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    What are the controversies associated with the film Kashmir Files?

    Recently there are lots of controversies associated with the film 'Kashmir Files'. The director of the film has been threatened. There is a bar or non-cooperation for publicity of the film. Even a group is trying to stop the release of the film, there is a court case seeking a stay on the release of the film.

    Why there is so much controversy about this film? Why is this film controversial? Is the film controversial because it depicts the uncomfortable truth and is capable of disturbing the narrative?
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    When the subject matter is Kashmir more than India it is the enemy country which would be more interested and obviously when the story line is in support of Indian tow line, the objections would be raised by the Indian sympathisers of that country. Movie is the powerful medium through which hard truth are told and surely uncomfortable people cannot digest the fact and they raise the bogey of distorting the fact. Kashmir is in India and we have every right to promote and say good things about the heaven on earth and movies can play the great role. When the censor board is convinced about the story line, the history of Kashmir and the facts are shown in reality to the understanding level of the audience, it should be master piece and instead of appreciating there seems to be controversy emanating from cross border.
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    The movie is all about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in 1990. It is not a story but a real happening. The truth was hidden and never brought out by any one of the judiciary, media, politicians, intelligentsia, writers etc. of the country. In an interview given by Anupam Kher, in this issue countless people died. His mother's brother was also one of the sufferers in the incident. As per his statement more than 4,00.000 people were thrown out of their houses in a single night. We all know cinema is a powerful medium which makes a lot of impact on the minds of the people. So some of the Indians who always favour the enemy country will try to make an issue out of no issue and try to create some controversy.
    The movie may go well and maybe be a hit. But some intellectuals of this country never like to accept the facts and bring out some unknown things and make a noise. I think the same thing is happening here also.

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    The film Kashmir Files is the depiction of genocide of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir. We all know that this genocide was done by some evil elements who wanted to have their own control in Kashmir and rule it. It is unfortunate that the ruling Govt at that time could not nab the culprits who had done this heinous crime. The result was really very depressing and the evil elements got more courage to repeat such cruelties. This film has tried to rekindle those memories in the minds of people so that our new generation also could understand the barbaric nature of those evil elements. There is no controversy attached to this film.
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    I posted this as a question in 'Ask Expert' section, however, it has been converted to a Forum post for discussion.

    So, let's discuss.

    As far as I am concerned, I would watch this cinema at the earliest.

    I had written a story based on the experience of a Kashmiri Panditain friend of mine: This Story. I will try to corroborate the story of the film and the experience of my friend.

    I would watch the cinema because as a second-generation member of a refugee family from East Pakistan, I find lots of similarities between us and the uprooted Kashmiri Pandits.

    And while watching this cinema, I would recall the terrible slogan of those black days, "Raliv, Tsaliv ya Galiv" and wonder who killed Kashmiriyat in Kashmir.

    Friends! Will you watch the film?

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    Whether the film was watched by the members of this site or not, the movie is doing good business post covid situation and raked up 12 crore collections on second day. Since the movie revolves around the ordinary Indians and huge exodus from the valley some 30 years back, the cover up of the happening and the genocide of Kashmir Hindus. By this way the justice for Hindus would take another 30 years for sure. It seems our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who met the star cast of the movie hailed the performance and storyline and congratulated the team for taking up boldly the story which was never attempted by other movie makers. Indians are more dear to the Kashmir and I would request DD to take up the rights and show to the world the happenings through the movie and that would reach the greater audiences.
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    It is nice to have such a movie being made, for the first time this issue has been given such importance. This issue was so much neglected by the media, school and college education. Even if it does have some flaws they shouldn't be seen as propaganda as some of the critiques are saying as it is the first kind of representation of an issue for mass consumption. The horrors shown in the movie can not be negated as propaganda as they were the real stories, the culprits shown in the movie can not be negated as against some party because that was the reality of the time and even shown in the real-life interviews of those characters, I feel more such movies should be made by the mainstream Cinema and should be appreciated. But this shouldn't be made into a political issue.
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    Not only in India but also outside India, people have remembered with tears the people who lost their lives at the hands of violent militants in the nineties. This is where 'The Kashmir Files' raises the question - why there has been no movie on this for so long, there is also an argument about that. Earlier, films on Kashmir were made but the issue of pundits was avoided. Attempts have been made to forget the shouts of Ralib, Ghalib, Chalib — where the militants had decreed that Kashmiri scholars must either convert or lose their lives. The example of being a refugee in one's own country is hard to find in any other country. That is why 'The Kashmir Files' is not a political movie, but a document of a terrible nightmare. Many people say that there are two sides to any issue. So it needs to be in this case too. But so to speak, rapists, murderers will be asked? Or will the son-in-law of Pakistani militants be called for a question-and-answer session? I think it's completely a non-political issue.
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    "Not only in India but also outside India, people have remembered with tears the people who lost their lives at the hands of violent militants in the nineties.''--------Even in India, very few of us know about the suffering of the hapless Pandits, very few know about the pogrom, thanks to the appeasement policy of successive Governments.

    So, this film has been necessary. No amount of criticism of the film will affect it anymore.

    The image of the middle-aged Pandit lady crying holding the hands of director Vivek Agnihotri indicates the success of the film.

    'The Kashmir Files' is creating History; nay: It itself has become History!

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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