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    The more the gap between the first and second child the better understanding

    In those days having more children and born in the age gap of every two or three years were happening and the children were controllable and were listening to the parents politely. But these days, the children are restless, never has the habit of being comfortable in others arms and always wants parents especially mother. If the elder child is having good age gap, then nurturing the younger one could be in the hands of elder and the parents need not worry about that as all the intricacies of kids life are picked up automatically and the younger child would be better in the hands of elder. Any comment on this ?
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    If the gap is less between the two children of a couple, bringing them up is a very uphill task these days. In the olden days, the story is different. Those days parents used to think that their children are also like the other children and they never bothered to bring them up like the son of a King. So the parents never felt the pain. But now no parent is going for more than two children. They feel that their children should not suffer and they should not face any problem and they want every luxury to be available. In this process, only the parents feel a big problem.
    In my opinion, a gap of 3 years between two children of a couple is good enough. The main criteria should be that their children should settle in their lives by the time the parents reach their retirement age. Yes. Initially, for 2 or 3 years the mother may suffer due to competition between the two children. But once both of them start going to school, they will become more friendly parents may not have many difficulties in bringing them up.

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