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    We change food patterns by ourselves

    In those days, we, city dwellers, have given the previous day rice soaked in water as breakfast by mixing with curd. Sometimes idli, dosa as breakfast. This everything was given by 8.00 am. For lunch we have been given any mixed rice in tiffin box for school/college. A good food as lunch in Sundays and holidays by 12.30 to 1.00 pm. Evening sometimes bajji or bonds. Night dinner rice similar to lunch. Hotels we went only occasionally. There was minimum complaint of health set back, there was minimum number of hospitals/clinics.
    But once we changed our food pattern by seeing him or her,this country and that country and invited many diseases. Hospitals also distinguished many varieties of diseases.
    Now we are focusing to hygiene, organic foods, multi grains etc., by naming with society.
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    What the author has mentioned is right as we change the food pattern, we are also inviting the health setbacks for ourselves. We are now more dependent on outside food, thanks to online food serving apps which are doing roaring business, and how the food is prepared, which oil is used, is there any quality check , do the health department has the control over the food quality, all these questions are never answered and we in a hurry and being accustomed to one particular taste, keep on ordering online food and that is delivered as money is no problem and what everyone does not have the will to do things on own and no time for that. Many new couples are not going to kitchen at all as the ordered food comes to the dining table, and their half of the kitchen work is saved and thus taking risk of health issues.
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    Still, we maintain the old pattern only in our house for food intake. In the mornings' breakfast. Idly, dosa or upma are the items generally served in the breakfast. A dal, a curry, rasam and curd are the items in the lunch. We avoid snacks in the evening. Only we take Tea. Then in the night for supper, we eat Chapathi with a curry. This is how we eat. Traditional food only will be made in our house. Once in a while, my sons will be ordering food from outside. My preference there also is for traditional food only.
    I never liked any other foods and my wife also follows the suit. When we get food from outside my children like to order north Indian dishes and I especially tell them to order south Indian food only and my package will be separate. My wife also prefers the same food. For better health, we should eat food made in the house rather than outside food,

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    The old patterns are changing fast and si is the case with our food intake. We enjoyed the tasty foods being made at home and for which there was significant contributions of our own lady members especially the homemakers of house. No doubt the foods were superb and hygienic with the preparation of less spices and oils. However, there has been some changes in respect of food styles of different houses showing little interest in making foods at their own homes and finally the stuffs are ordered by means of food apps. No doubt, there is no pain from our side for the preparation of foods but regular eating of such foods give rise to stomach issues or other health issues. We need to stick to old patterns to protect our health from several diseases.

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