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    The evading attitude and seeking help at their will

    We are living in such a society where in many are having their selfish motives and the evading attitude towards us has been noticed in many issues and at the same time they seeking help at their will is something cannot be understood whether they are really having such attitude or pretending to be oversmart. When they evade us we gets deeply hurt and would not like to continue friendship with them, and suddenly one day they would appear, heap praises, and at the end seek some favor or help to which we cannot deny and eventually agree. Should we continue with such people in future?
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    These days I find many forum threads about the qualities of other persons. I do not understand why this unnecessary interest in the others. First, we have to look after ourselves. Analyse our behavior with our family members and then with others. We have to take care to see that our behavior and actions do not cause any discomfort or hurt to others. Society looks the way we look at it. Take the good and leave the bad.
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    The philosophy of life should be such that we should be prepared to meet the eventualities without the external help of others. The family members should be taught the basic philosophy that they should sort out their problems themselves with their cool mind. They should remain united with one another during the distressing time being faced by any member. This will provide them security and courage to face any odd situation. I don't say that the entire human being are selfish but they, too, have some limitations. In the hours of our need, they might face with some issues and as such they might not come forward for our help. But at least definitely someone will come to our rescue. We should rather avoid the negativity.

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    This society will be having different people with different mentalities. Some people may be ready to help others but some may not. The persons who are interested in helping others also may not be able to help others at a particular period. They may be having some other issues which are to be attended by them and hence they may not be able to help. Some people even though they have a helping nature, their position may not allow them to do that help at that time. When somebody is not helping us, we need not think that they are selfish. We also may not be able to help all who approach us for some help. Everybody will have their limitations.
    There may be some people who are selfish and never try to help others. But care should be taken that we should not be selfish and try to help the people who are in need.

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    Everyone in this world is not like that but yes, it is true that there are some selfish people who would be changing their behaviour time to time just to cheat and make others fool. It is obvious that we have to be alert and careful from such persons because they can cheat us anytime to meet their selfish interest. It is also true that these people can easily mislead and misguide the gullible ones and treat them differently in accordance with their selfish motives.
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    In a simple word, we recognize such people by the name of the mean. This world today is full of such mean people who see only their selfishness and they need people only till their work is completed. Wisdom says that when we understand that people are adopting the attitude of being mean with us, then keep ourselves away from such people, but the problem comes when these mean people go to such people who are full of humanity. Are and are always ready to help everyone, by taking advantage of such people, these means people keep fulfilling their purposes.

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    In fact, our past is birth and our future is death. Something happened to us in the middle. I think it's better to stay away from someone who is ignoring you. But if you are angry with him, you will hurt yourself. Forgive him and enjoy your time as you think gladly. Sometimes you have to walk alone in the way of life. And those who can't create this habit of walking alone suffer more. Because they depend on each other and save themselves in society like a parasite. However, in many cases, he may have got a better option so it is possible to avoid you. Or is he really busy with some issues that he doesn't want to involve you in? In these cases, of course, you should look for the right cause.
    But it is true that when he comes to you, accept him with a smile or help him as much as you can, he will change.

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