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    Our compatibility made known at the cost of comparing others

    When everyone has got a particular talent and many good abilities, but the greatness of a person is made known when compared with others. Well defined characteristics of a person can be truly come to forth when compared with equal stature person. That is the reason being so even during horoscope matching the compatibility and ability between the two proposals are weighed to arrive at the decision whether to go for it or discard. Not that we inferior or superior to others, but a true comparison is made we tend to have upper hand if we have greater strength and abilities of good talent for granted.
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    There is a tradition in many families to compare the horoscopes of the boy and the girl before going for a marriage between them. They see many issues like a combination of various grahas and their placement in the chart. There are certain issues which should match in both the charts. If they match only they go ahead. This is only to see the compatibility of both persons by understanding their horoscopes. Here the matching will be seen.
    When we have a particular skill and we want to achieve higher standards in that skill we should take a person who is having a similar talent and we should make him our benchmark. We should try to attain his level of performance in that skill keeping that as our goal. Once we reach that level we should try to improve further by changing our reference standard. This performance improvement will be possible when we compare ourselves with somebody in the same field and try to achieve that level.

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