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    The child in me is fascinated by this colour

    What a coincidence!

    Only day before yesterday, after returning from the office, I started cleaning my daughter's bookshelf. In the topmost desk, I found her old scrap book. Along with the scrap book, I found a colour box exactly similar to the colour box posted with the competition announcement thread. This is the coincidence I was mentioning at the beginning.

    I took out the colour box and the scrap book and started turning the pages with amusement. The drawings were coloured with different colours from the box. Suddenly, I stopped! The fascinating colour again enchanted me.

    Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by that dazzling colour. I remembered my mother's resplendent Murshidabadi silk saree using that particular colour as base. My daughter tried to draw a peacock in her scrapbook using that colour. I sat there for a long time looking at that colour. I was determined to use that colour again.

    First, I thought of purchasing 'gulal' of that particular colour. But soon, I discarded that idea.

    Yesterday (Saturday) morning, I chalked out my plan for expedition. My wife suspected something but didn't say anything. I waited till 11 a.m, had my breakfast and started my expedition.

    I visited one after another market in South Delhi, checked one after another stationery shop in these markets. After many unsuccessful attempts, at last I found what I wanted. In a top-class stationery shop of Madam Vikaji Cama Place, I finally found what I desperately wanted. It was very costly, but I purchased it.

    I purchased the turquoise blue coloured inkpot of the well-known and trusted Waterman company. Along with this very costly ink, I purchased a very beautiful fountain pen with three different types of nibs, another inkpot with umber brown ink and a notebook with covers containing images of Madhubani art.

    I had to spend a huge amount far exceeding my initial budget. But, it's okay.

    I am celebrating Holi well in advance in my own way, writing to my heart's content with my brand new fountain pen using my favourite Waterman turquoise blue ink and also umber brown ink.

    My expedition has been successful. The child in me is very happy. I am immensely enjoying using my favourite colour.

    My better-half says I am still a child!

    (Competition entry for Colours contest).
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    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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    During childhood we are fascinated by particular colors and we keep on harping for the same choice and our preference would not deviate from that color. What the author said is right. The children are drawn towards the dark colors and they connect their every moments of life with the same color. During childhood we are keen watchers of various activities of our mother and how she wears the different kinds of dress and sarees and which colors she likes the most and carefully watched. And celebrating Holi with turquoise blue color and having collection of items in the same color is something the author has connected the color topic with his choice of particular color. Colors are widely used by the children and they would like to apply on their hands and even on the face to look weird. Nevertheless colors speaks our childhood hidden within us.
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    The author narrated the story very nicely. Every adult will have a child in him. her. That character will not go. That is what we all know. We all will develop some special interest in some items and that interest will be there with us till the last minute, I think. During my high school studies, my father used to bring a dairy every year and used to give me. So I got a liking towards the dairy every year. That liking for the collection of dairy has not gone out from me. I never write anything in that dairy but I want to have a dairy.
    Different people will have liking different colours. I am a green colour lover. Probably this has come to me by seeing and living always in the areas where greenery is prevalent. Whenever I see green fields all around with various trees and plants I feel very happy and prefer to spend more time in such an atmosphere.

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    I enjoyed the full story narrated by the author and what the author has felt that in every adulthood there is the the hidden child within him demanding something unusual to satisfy the childhood. It might be that his unfulfilled desire came to the surface and the author was moved from that instinct. However, it is not necessary that it will surface in all the times. The author might have got this inspiration by observing the colours sketched by her daughter with its unique characteristics. His feelings for the childhood days could resurface by observing her art and finally he could satisfy his hidden childhood with his frantic search of turquoise blue and umber ink followed by beautiful fountain pen set for the completion of his artistic creations. The enjoyment was really unique with which his hidden child got immense satisfaction..

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    A nice story composed by the author. Every person has more or less inclination towards creativity and what could be better than splashing colours on a canvass or using a writing pen to express one's feelings and sentiments. The world of colours is a fascinating one and one can have any extent of imagination using them in one's creative creation. Children or adults, everyone is affected by these emotions equally.
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