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    Initiate work with completion mindset

    Not that we are incapable of leaving the work thus initiated in half way for the reasons beyond our control and imagination, in that case there should be definite B plan for completing the same at least at next level. If the project is big and needs continued financial support, then the planning should be in phase wise and not wholesome attempt at one go. If the project is small and can be completed with good work force then that must be done within stipulated time. In any case the work initiated should be completed and we should have the completion mindset for sure.
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    A job is said to be successful only when it is completed. Many times we start a job and then leave it halfway. This is happening with many people in this world. The main reason behind this type of failures is that either we lose interest in the job or we feel that it is going to be difficult and there is no use going ahead with that.
    This means that either we had not done proper homework before starting that job or we had underestimated the seriousness and difficulty level of the job.
    There comes the importance of planning of a job. During the planning stage itself we have to examine all the pros and cons of the process and expected difficulties and hardships during the execution of the job. If we fail in planning then we would fail in execution and then leave the job halfway.

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    Good advice from the author. Leaving the works halfway is not a correct trait. We should see that all the works started should be closed with a fruitful outcome.
    Some people will not start the task thinking that they can't complete the work. They are nonperformers. Such people slowly will become lazy and try to find some or the other reason to avoid attempting the works.
    Some people start with enthusiasm without making a proper road map and leave the work half the way. They feel that they can't complete the work successfully.
    Some people will start the work by completely studying the task and making proper planning. They will never leave in between. If they face any hurdles they will try to find out some other routes so that they will reach the expected goal. These people are the achievers and they will become successful in their lives.
    One should always be in the achiever's group but not in the other two groups.

    always confident

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