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    We gain experiences from our failures

    Many times our decisions are not correct and we face failures or defeats in our endeavours. For a common person it is also not possible to make a correct decision everytime in one's life. So the life goes with a mix of successes as well as failures on the way. In this context the interesting thing to note is that when we have failures in life then we gain experience from that and that experience helps us in future in our endeavours improving our success ratio. So there are some good takeaways from our failures also. What are your views on this? Please share your thoughts.
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    And we also study from our mistakes!

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    There may be many reasons for failures. The decisions taken may be wrong or there may be mistakes in implementation or there may be some communication misunderstandings. Ultimately we may be left with a failure. But we all know and discussed many times this point as failures are the stepping stones for success. It all depends on the way how we take the failure. Some people may start worrying about the failure and never see why the failure happened. Then we can't learn anything from failures. When starting to think about the reasons for failure and if analyse the whole episode properly we will get the probable reason for the failure and in our next attempt we may be careful and see that such mistakes will not happen.
    Some failures will make us face failures boldly and it will make us emotionally stable during adverse conditions also. So it is good to have some failures in over attempts. It will make us careful and will not make us overconfident.

    always confident

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    What I had experienced in my life that the misses and challenging period of forgoing our success to someone who was also competing and yet one step ahead than us , has certainly missed the chance of winning and thus learned the big lesson that mere performance does not matter, but watching the moves of nearest competitor and their overtures to outsmart us should also be the criteria to be the winner at last. By the way we should not get perturbed over the losing of the game or event and the very participation and losing against the formidable winner itself and great stepping stone for us and we have already given enough signal to the winner that next time the situation would be favourable to us and we would not leave any chance. So second time would be the best chance to register our win and stand tall.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good thread from the author, wrong decisions, mistakes, failures, all these words go on with our actions in an alternate form in life. Even the most successful person will sit to write the story of his life, then you will find that behind a success, so many failures and defeats are hidden. Success is sometimes achieved in one go, which may include hard work as well as luck or someone's blessings or good deeds. We know this truth about Karma that without doing bad to anyone, do your work honestly and make life successful. When we learn from our failures, we really have a successful life.

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