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    Travelling will enhance our knowledge

    Travelling to places is a part of our lives. We travel on official work and we travel with our family many times for spending together. It is very essential to visit places. When we visit places together with our family the bond between the people will become strong. Many people consider visiting places as a part of enjoyment and relaxation. That is true. In addition to that our knowledge will also improve because of these tours.

    Travelling will give us a chance to learn new things and get a rich experience of life in different ways. Travelling will give us skills and experience that are useful for improving our careers. When we are in a new place we will try to utilise each and every minute to spend usefully. So we plan and follow the plan without any deviation and that will make us a better time managers.

    So we all should visit places and use those visits properly to enhance our knowledge.
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    The author is perfect. This aspect can be realised by experience. On official trip I have traveled wide. I utilised the gap hours, intervening Sundays or holidays to see the important places in and around the places I traveled. I have got pleasure in seeing the places studied in History during school days. Really travel gives us a good knowledge and experience. Parents should take their children to various places through which the children have some inner plan and interest in visiting places later when they grow up.

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    What the author has said is right and it coincides with a great saying in Tamil that " Yaadhum oore yaavarum kelir" that means inquire about the places you are going to visit and that would have the broader ideas of the rules and regulations even in small villages to which we are not aware of the same. For example if you visit the temple towns deep inside the Tamil Nadu districts the God would be taken around four mada street and that would be very early morning and late evenings and those city persons who have the habit of sleeping for hours together would not get up at wee hours, would miss the celebrations and also miss the blessings of God. Planning the traveling should be knowledge oriented and not just visiting places and one must record the events taking place there so that it would have memories of past.
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    Travelling and visiting different places help us in not only knowing about those places but also in acquiring a lot of practical knowledge about the world around us. There is a lot of difference between reading books and magazines for the various places and what we observe when we actually reach there. We can acquire the practical knowledge only when we reach that place and experience the things ourselves. There are many issues like quality of hotels where we stay, quality of food in that area, local conveyance for going here and there, behaviour of the local people with tourist, and many other considerations like that which we only come to know when we visit that place and observe those things ourselves. In any case travelling and visiting places increases our knowledge manifold.
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    The author has presented a very genuine article indicating the importance of travelling. We cannot have any experience unless we visit the places to know its inner parts and tge significance of such places historically or otherwise. Take a place Hyderabad. It has its own history and this aspect cannot be understood unless we visit this place. We all know the importance of Kolkata but it can only be understood by going over there. We have felt the greatness of Dakshineswar Kalibadi, Victoria Palace and many other places only by having our personal visits. We can teach our kids of the importance of such places if they are accompanied with us.

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    I agree with the author, this is indeed a fact that all of us must have experienced. Traveling to different places gives us knowledge and new information, as well as the experience we share with each other after meeting new people also proves to be more helpful to us in the form of knowledge. Although there are many other ways to learn and gain knowledge the experience which we take directly becomes the unforgettable knowledge or part of our life and this knowledge always helps us. Travel in many forms like new zeal, new identity, new environment as well as provides new knowledge.

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