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    The grown up girl's best internship starts with Mother

    It is understood that every girl child is the father's pet and she would be given all comforts and no challenges for sure but the mother would always be worried about the future and thus trains her to accept the future challenges with ease. And when the grown up child is at the house, the mother would be more forward looking and would teach the intricacies of all the behavioral patterns that happens in the future in law house. Thus the best internship for any girl child starts with the mother and that learning makes her more comfortable and more ease at the in laws house. Any comment on this ?
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    True. My elder sister used to spend their time with my mother after completing her education. She did her graduation but did not work anywhere. After completing graduation she was in the house with my mother for 2 years before she went to her inlaw's house. My mother trained her in almost all activities that are to be carried out in the house. After going to their inlaw's house, within one month my brother in law got a job and they moved the place of their job. She was managing her house very nicely and that is mainly due to the training she got under our mother.
    The author is right. The on-job training a girl gets from her mother is noting but an internship only. Those days there are no phones. So the girls are not able to contact their mothers after marriage. But now it is a different story. The girl even after going to inlaw's house will be in touch with her mother. Her mother will be the mentor and she will be the guide telling the daughter how to manage her husband and the inlaws.

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    The author has indicated the real situation that the mother of the girl child always remains anxious how her daughter could be able to manage herself with the varying circumstances, though the daughter even comes closer to her father. However her relationship with her mother is inseparable since the duo cannot leave without each other. The mother ensures that her daughter she should be well versed in the kitchen activities and other domestic chores apart from her excellent management of other activities including the way of talking with the different people. This might be called a rigorous training being imparted by her own father but the daughter would realise the importance of such a training once she entered into the marriage life. The relationship of the duo not only lasts for lifetime but it may continue beyond life if one meets with some fatalities.

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    Very nice post. A mother is an institution. A world and beyond that also. A single mother has to constantly struggle to carry the ship called "family" where the main driving force is in the hands of the father for earnings even though the original overall quality monitoring is in the hands of the mother. In which the real education of the child is a big responsibility. The whole life has to go on with the morality, intelligence and physical education received from the mother. As life goes on, many events-learning-experience combinations occur. But the main foundation is the education received from the mother. Based on this foundation, every ordinary person becomes an ideal personality. He took the responsibility of building society. The first condition of society is bondage. Society is formed by a mutual bond. And the first lesson of this social bond comes mainly from the family. To put it more clearly, from that mother. The greater the distance between the child and the parent, the greater the harm done by the child. Be it your own loss or the loss of others. So the mother has no alternative.
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    Generally, we understand the meaning of the word internship by the fact that a person who is trying to establish himself in a particular field or who is looking for his career in a particular field, to make him aware of that field and the information, conditions related to it. To give a glimpse or to give guidance about, responsibilities, etc. As far as the children are concerned, in fact, starting their internship in the family is the best way to give them a good upbringing. Boy or girl both get an internship from both their parents, internship of life which helps them to keep themselves strong in life.

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