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    A small color box in the world of child's thoughts

    My youngest daughter and her three friends were sitting around with the color box she got on her birthday and they are laughing and making noise a lot this Sunday morning. Since they were busy playing, we were able to freely work at home. Suddenly all four of them came running to me and asked to tell them how they have painted. Once I took a look at the drawings I could not understand the colored objects, I asked them to tell me the details of who drew what. One painted, the green sun, and one painted the sky completely black. Why did she draw like that? I though. I got the answer by asking. She said that the sun has become green because the light of the sun has become green because the sun absorbs green through the leaves of the banana tree. Another said that the sky was black because she drew yesterday's night sky.
    Then I thought, why can't we think like them? Each child looked carefully and tried to express their own thoughts through pictures. And the extraordinary quality of color is that once you get a taste of pleasure after drowning in its intoxication, it is possible to keep the child away from addiction on the mobile phone tab effortlessly. Through this, as the latent entity within the child awakens, so does the development of both the physical and the mental of the child. With the touch of their little hands, the movement of color from the brush to the expression on the white paper, what they want to say, imagination, thoughts, dreams, anger, sadness, pride, various things in life. By making friends with one color and another color, they continue to grow in their own way by arranging the dreams of the future like their own. Suddenly they asked me to award marks to them for their painting. I gave everyone ten out of ten. You cannot, imagine if you didn't see the joy in them. No one will be able to give this education even if it costs a little more for drawing books and paintbrushes.
    Since children love to color, they also love to draw, and today I think, 'When a child learns to hold a pencil, he should be allowed to draw'. Even better before going to school. In this way he can absorb the writing by turning his hand well, the handwriting will also be beautiful. Rather, it is the child's creativity to explain any subject to the child and to draw the child in a mixture of his imagination.
    In this way, if you play with colors, your child's childhood will be colorful. And since she will paint some pictures from her own imagination, we have to encourage her. It will also expand the child's thinking world. I did not understand how the time passed. I regained consciousness at the call of my wife. It was time for lunch.

    This is my story submission to the contest.
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    A good story from the author. These days kids are very creative and if we encourage them, they will do a very good job. When a child shows us something we should appreciate them first and we should ask questions as if we don't know. Then they will explain everything and that will make them good at the subject as well as expression also. After all, this is over we can suggest to them some improvements. Even though they are corrections we should say that they are for improvement only.
    My granddaughter who just completed her 2nd her tries her hand at colouring my observing her 4-year-old sister and trying to learn. We have to see that both of them will not quarrel about the same item. They sit together and work on colouring the papers which are already having images of the items.
    If we say to them that their work is not good they will get disappointed and next time they will not show what they are doing.

    always confident

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    Very good contribution from the author and probably the winning entry. In our childhood days there were no colors and we had the color pencils through which much cannot be done. But these days children are having access to color inks, crayons, brushes and so on. If we the parents have the habit of painting and coloring, the child would also get habituated to it. In this regard I wish bring a ad that is shown on the television when the mother asks two children to paint the dust bin box which is looking not worthy and the children makes it with vibrant looks and the mother presents them with costly chocolate as gifts. Not that the children are doing that activity of coloring for the chocolate, but that is the token of great work done by the children. One thing is sure let the children play with color and that would bring them world of their own choice.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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