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    Colours week in my granddaughter’s school

    Chinmayi, my granddaughter, came running to me and told me that I have to get her a red dress immediately. I asked her, what was the urgency. She was not allowing me to stand. She said let us start grandpa, I will tell you on the way. Soon we two were in our car and started going to the shop.

    She started telling me while travelling. Her school was conducting colours week. During that week, each day her teacher will prescribe a colour. All the students should collect various articles having the prescribed colour that are available in their house and a photo of the same should be sent to their teacher in their class WhatsApp group. The colour prescribed was red for that day. She collected all articles but her dress having red colour was not attractive. So, she wanted a new dress. We purchased a dress for her. Her mother took a photograph with all the articles collected and forwarded it to the teacher.

    The next day afternoon Chinmayi came with a smiling face and told me that her teacher appreciated her for her collection and declared it as the best photograph of the day. She added the colour of the day was pink for that day. Her face was glowing. After telling me she went inside running to collect pink items for that day's photograph.

    These days the schools are becoming very innovative and adopting novel methods to teach the kids. This methodology is making kids enthusiastic. The kids are showing good inquisitiveness.

    This is my entry for the contest
    Colours - a photo-based creative writing contest
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    Our grand children bring much happiness through their works which are new, imaginative and yet impressive for the grand parents who cannot deny such a wonderful bonding and if it is colors the joy has no bounds. It is the fact that the modern schools are churning out new ways of attracting children activities and the parents thinks that teacher is waiting the time and money. But how the creativity of the child be brought to forth. My wife who is the teacher always organize the stamping of hands on the paper through the ink pad. That is very well liked by each students as they want to see the print of their tiny palms with five fingers and some would carry that as the nostalgia of the class memories and that would be remembered when they become grown up and old. Such colors activities bring lots of happiness in children.
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