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    A grill lift that is open is preferable to one that is closed. Do you agree with me?

    It has been claimed that 13 persons in Chennai had been stuck for two hours due to a technical malfunction in the lift metro train, with some death consequences. A grilled lift door is a preferable option in this case than a closed lift door. Is it better to lift grilled doors or closed doors?
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    While it is really unfortunate that 13 persons were struck in the Chennai metro lift and even some lost lives as per the author's submission. But in big commercial establishment, grill lifts cannot be operated and the closed ones with automatic operations are preferred and they were working successfully across the country. Moreover the grill lifts are exposed to the movements which can be seen and the children inside the lifts have the tendency to put their hands out and thus many chances of getting injured. That is the reason being so grilled lifts are not preferred even in residential complexes. But what I feel that Chennai metro is run by professional company and that cannot take chance of lift malfunctioning and therefore it must be held responsible for lift being stuck up and some stations are underground, there can be suffocation inside too.
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    I agree with Bhushan Sir. The closed elevators are not good for claustrophobic people. Elevators with grill help in passage of air when these are stuck midway or malfunctioning. Light from outside can be seen and people inside the elevator don't get panicked.
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    In earlier times lifts were generally having grills and the persons who were using them could see outside and outside people could see them. It was a good arrangement because they could talk to the people and ask for help in case of some proud on the lift. But from safety point of view it was not a good mechanism. A body part can always be put out of the grill and something untoward could happen especially with children. Due to that reason all the lifts were made with closed doors and in a sealed environment. In such cases if some problem happen then there could be difficulties as people are suffocated and remain isolated for long time. Generally a good maintenance is there for lifts after their sale to the prospective buyers. If due to any reason maintenance is not done properly then such incidents can happen. It is an unfortunate matter that we are installing such costly lifts but are not able to maintain them properly.
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    We can't single out any one of the two. Each has its own positives and negatives. There are cases where people kept their hands outside through these grills and last their arms and hands. There was a case in Mumbai high court asking them to ban these grilled gate lifts as there were many accidents and more than 35 people died in Mumbai and Pune area.
    The main point in these issues is the maintenance of the lifts is very important and due care should be taken in maintaining the health of the equipment properly. These accidents may be happening mainly due to improper care that is being given to the condition of the equipment.
    There should be a checklist and the organisations should check each piece of equipment as per the checklist in any case if there is a doubt the particular equipment should be suspended from usage and the diagnosis is to be done and corrective action is to be taken.

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