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    When children become the reason of family disputes.

    Children are the pride of parents, and parents want their pride to remain, that's why they give such lessons to their children so that no outsider says any wrong thing about them. In the outsider, the parents sometimes involve other family members as well and also feel bad for the children if other members complained about them, sometimes serious disputes happen because of the children. Even if the child is wrong, many times parents take the side of the child because they want to prove their upbringing right in front of everyone.

    There is a simple thing which we probably do not want to understand, that the child has also come into this world with a different life, but maybe the parents consider him as their part, so they do not hear anything bad about him/her.

    After all, why don't parents (Not every parent but mostly)hear a little negative talk about their children from someone else?
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    Feeling proud of their children may be common for many parents. But parents should also observe them and see that they will not deviate from the right path. If necessary we should punish also them if they are going on the wrong path. If there are disputes between families because of the children. the elders should sit and discuss and should not try to blame each other We should never support our children if they are at fault. If we support them, children continue doing wrong things. Even though our children are ok we should not allow them to play with the children who create problems.
    Another point parents should keep in mind is that they should not quarrel with each other in presence of the kids. Some kids take this as a lead and they will also try to start quarrelling with others. So our parents should not express their differences in presence of their kids.
    I know a child who tried to create problems between his father and mother as these two used to quarrel always in his presence. This is noticed by his mother and warned him and later on, they stopped quarrelling with each other in the presence of their kid.

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    This is important post raised by the author and this takes my memory to our childhood when we four brothers used to play with other friends in the colony and obviously difference of opinion would result in fist fights and that leads to quarrel between the family. But my father would beat us first by saying why we went out and played with inconsequential persons who cannot understand and they failed to uphold the friendship and thus wanted to discard such useless persons. It is the matter of fact that children become the cause for family disputes and that may be joint family or the persons belonging as neighbor. As far as possible the parents should not make the issue that big because children cannot live without each other help and they should be made to compromise and forget the quarrel and this way peace would exist.
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    We sometimes remain under the impression that our kids cannot be wrong because of right preaching and guidance. There are some situations when they err and if such a complaint is received from someone stranger to us, we will stand with our kids with the impression that the man is lying telling an imaginary story. However, if verify the facts, it might be opposite to our assumptions. There might be behavioural changes within the kids due to the company with which he is surrounded or the other reason could be the infighting going on between the couple creating an unsecured environment within the family premises. The kids might feel lonely and dejected under such situations. There are chances that he would fall prey to a bad company afterwards leading to reversal his personality. Hence parents themselves should ensure that their kids get adequate love and closeness of their parents apart from right guidance so that they might not deviate from healthy paths necessary for their normal growth.

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