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    Is it possible that a course can really teach you?

    As technological development has taken place, in the same way various new dimensions are being found in the matter of education. There was a time when there were few subjects like Arts, Maths, Science, Commerce in which people used to complete education but then with the passage of time many courses came and today it is the situation that there are many courses available for everyone which are available at different times according to the convenience. Which are selected by the candidate according to his convenience. Sometimes these courses are of few hours. Let us talk about one of the few such subjects which is work and time management.

    Work and Time Management is probably important for every field like Students, House Care Taker, bosses, employees, etc. But can one become proficient in this by taking some courses etc.? Or it can simply become part of a disciplined life.

    Share your experience and thoughts as well as share your knowledge on how work and time should be managed.
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    As the technologies developed, the demand for usage of new tools in computer studies has also become essential and if one visits the Ameerpet area of Hyderabad the courses offered there among 1500 institutes working there would give an idea as to how far we have developed and these institutes are striving to give right hands to the industries who does not have time to train the candidates. Right from learning the Java, Spoken English, and many short term courses connected to IT industries like, SAP, Oracle, C, C++ and host of others. The faculties include the best working in IT companies and thus they train the new entrants with what they want and thus churn out the future staff for the company. What it is proved here that mere education does not suffice and specialised course would pave way for sure shot job.
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    These courses will give us some understanding of the subject we study. Work and time management is very common requirement. Every person irrespective of his field of work should know how to manage time and how to manage work. Everyone will have his thoughts on this subject and based on those thoughts and ideas he will pan his work and use the time in the best way possible.
    But going for a course will give a piece of more in-depth knowledge. We will know new issues and based on that skills we may be able to improve our way of working and consequently we may be able to manage time effectively. These courses will give some novel technics and skills that will come in handy for use in our regular working and in our day to work. But one should choose the courses based on the area of working and his level of knowledge in that particular way.

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    Learning is a continuous process. We have to learn something to add to our existing knowledge. We know many things but when we learn these things in a structured and proper way then they become useful in our practical life and when we want to learn a particular matter by undergoing a particular course then it becomes imperative that we should take up the course in a manner which imparts the real learning in us. We may be knowing about a particular matter but when we learn it in a correct way then we are able to use it properly in our work and that is the main importance of a particular course. It applies to every course and the course on time management is no exception.
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