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    How is the knowledge of History helpful to mankind?

    The knowledge of various branches of studies is helpful for us in different ways. The knowledge of Maths will be helpful in business, Astronomical calculations, Science will be helpful for innovation of useful things, medicines, Geography helps in the study of places, climates. But History helps to study the past happenings of different eras. This study has no future aspect in it. Then how can you think this branch of study will be helpful for us? Members if you think the branch is helpful for humans, please give your thoughts about it.
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    I think it is important to read history because a nation that does not know the history of its ancestors can never reach the desired success. History is the study of our past events and activities. It is sometimes seen as a branch of the humanities and sometimes as a branch of the social sciences. Many see history as a bridge between the humanities and the social sciences. History is not just what it teaches, it inspires, you find in its pages a measure of self-knowledge, self-understanding. Not just information in days, dates, years, months, kings and queens, empires, victories, defeats, wars, or even peace, history can give you the joy of discovery, or the honest courage to feel the ugliness of brutality. And from that honest courage, history helps us to learn from the mistakes of the past. History strengthens the ground under our feet, and teaches us to stand with our heads held high. So history gives us direction. So the author's comment "This study has no future aspect in it" cannot be accepted.
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    Normally history was underestimated even during studies as there has been tendencies as to why to know the past which cannot be revisited and why to ponder over the past happenings which has happened without planning and so on. For a student history is not the fetching subject, except the date of happenings, the importance of characters and why it has happened. And how the history can be used to modern life is a tricky question. But the characters of human being is portrayed in history as to how strong they were, their will power and against all odds and how with their determination achieved the success. History may be painful to read and remember but the essence of those hard work characters in history can pep up as the mentors to whom we may have the deep following to emulate their ideals and principles.
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    1. We have all read this but don't bother to remember: "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."

    2. Cicero said: "To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?"

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    I think history will be a guide to us. When we study history we understand various people's lives, what they did and how they suffered or flourished. So we can learn lessons from their lives and we can adopt the best points in their lives so that we will not be in difficulties.
    Another thing is we may know how to face each situation by knowing the history. We will understand the dos and don'ts in our lives. Generally, when we start work also we should know the way how it is being done so that we will follow the system.
    We may not be able to remember dates and names correctly but if we understand what happened because of the action of some people we can avoid doing similar things so that we will not suffer big blows in our lives. By knowing the history we can differentiate between good and bad also.

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    History will provide you different characters and how best they rolled them and have established their names. Characters are of different natures where in some are of sacrificing nature for the entire community such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Queen of Jhansi and so on. They never bothered for their comforts but we would get varied characters known for their cruelty.If we are not the avid readers of History, we would miss the importance of such vital characters.
    This gives us an insight regarding the outcomes if we follow a certain paths since History has depicted all events including the downfall of the characters for their misdeeds. These characters are enough to open our eyes for our misdeeds.

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    While discussing this excellent debatable issue raised by Ramakrishna Sir, august Members will definitely remember that History is not the collection of some dates and years, it is the flow of events. It analyses social system successes and failures, the reasons behind such successes, and such failures.

    If we study history only as a set of dates and years, such a thread will appear again and again. If we study history as a flow of events and the impact of such events on our society and people, such a question of the necessity of studying history won't arise. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:

    "We are not makers of history. We are made by history."
    We must also remember Robert Heinlein. He said: "A generation which ignores history has no past and no future."
    Do we want to develop such a future generation?

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    From the responses, it is clear that most of us take History as life of different emperors, dates and years of various events like battles, etc. In actuality, History is flow of events and how these events influence/affect the society.
    I reiterate; History is not a collection of some dates & years. It is much more than that and requires understanding of flow of events.
    Thank you!!!

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