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    For judiciary VIP is a Very Inconsequential person

    Kudos to Indian judiciary system which once again proved that wrong doers cannot expect preferential treatment in the eyes of laws and they have to undergo ordeals like other under trials. Former NSE Chief Chitra who was sent to Tihar jail for 14 days remand has requested preferential treatment not to be sent to Tihar and she wanted home food to which the judge has refused. This is good going on the part of Indian courts as VIP's who try impose their tantrums on the judiciary are been discarded and shown the way to live in distress. Any comment ?
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    Judiciary should work that way only. It is good that the former NSE chief was not allowed to have preferential treatment in the jail. A culprit is a culprit. In fact, a person who is starving did a mistake for his food we can excuse him. But a rich man deceiving people for becoming further rich should not be excused in any way. If all the Judges work like that we can expect if not sooner, at a later stage in our country innocent people will be saved.
    I add here that the person who is denied special treatment is an office I think but not a politician. We know that many politicians when they are in jail, they were given special treatment. The present Chief Minister of AP was in jail for a long time and he was all special treatments in the prison. Satyam Computers Raju was also given special treatment. Like this, we can say many cases. The courts should see all the persons equally and the person who is the culprit should be punished.

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    It is very important that judiciary should work impartially. if judiciary is affected by the whims and fancies of very important persons then what will happen to the common man in this country. I think our judges our honest and very capable of delivering a good judgement so there is no problem on that account. The case cited by the author is a testimony to the judgements delivered by the judges in our country.
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    The increasing availability of Lok Adalat would also means fast clearance of cases on compromise basis.
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