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    The Kashmiri Files- A must Watch movie

    A movie based on realities, a movie based on the truth that was known to all but nobody really tried to give much emphasis to those because it did not concern them, A story of the plight of people, a story of the genocide that was presented as exodus by will. I heard so many stories of Kashmiri pandit being thrown out of their homeland but never took the serious interest the way I took interest in the stories of Jews in Nazi Germany, Refugees from Pakistan, the plight of women in Afghanistan. I don't know why I never took that much interest maybe because this chapter was deliberately neglected from our academic narratives, stories of movies and government files. So recently I went to watch this movie called Kashmiri Files and I felt so much sad, angered, afraid of horrors and cried while watching this movie, but because of the way I have been taught subject I at some points thought maybe it is little bit exaggeration, my so-called secular friends called it propaganda as well and because I am kind of person who doesn't blindly believe anything. I tried to have a background check and tried to find more about it and the more I read about it worse I felt about my ignorance of the issue. As there are many interviews and original transcripts available of the interviews of people who suffered this genocide and the more you read about it, trauma creeps into your soul how can the people, government, friends and system fail so badly.
    While watching the movie when I was crying I saw a few more people crying around me be it strong-bulky looking uncles, chit-chatty aunties, boys who think they are cool dudes, and the bubbly cheerful girl some moments really go deep into your soul.
    So I will suggest ISC members if they have time go watch this movie and do give their reviews here about how was their experience.
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