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    Lively colours of brotherly love

    Title: Lively colours of brotherly love

    Raghav was working as a watchman in a housing society. With his meagre salary he was somehow managing his family in the city. Raghav had one son Amit and one daughter Charu. Amit was studying in a local school in class 6 while Charu was in class 4.
    Charu was an intelligent girl and had interests in many things like drawing, painting, sketching etc but she did not have the colour sets and adequate brushes with her as some classmates had and flaunted them in the school. Raghav told her that she had to wait for some time when Raghav gets some overtime money from the society and can buy some good colours and brush set for her. Charu well understood the situation and kept quiet. Meanwhile she was making impressive sketches with pencils and other cheaper mediums.
    Raghav's uncle was working in a private company in the same city and was financially in a comfortable position. During holi festival he visited Raghav's place and gave them some sweets and fruits. Raghav offered him tea and asked whether there was any vaccancy in the company where he could get accommodated. His uncle told him that it was not and the company was already reducing the manpower.
    That day Amit was not well and was asked by the parents not to go to school and Charu had gone to school alone. While leaving Raghav's uncle gave some money to Amit as a customary sign during festivals.
    Next day Amit got well and while coming back from the school asked Charu to go ahead to the house and himself went to a nearby stationery shop and bought one water colour set with a few brushes and then left the shop for house. After taking some evening snacks he called Charu and handed over the colour set to her. Charu did not believe her eyes. It was a dream come true for her. She was so happy.

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    When the things happen without even expecting for it, the surprise element would always make the children very happy. Children would never demand big things openly and sometimes they even sulk to ask with friends and thus intelligent are those who understand other needs and thus become more friend with that kind of reach out. And colors are enchanting and lovable to the children and therefore they love those who is helpful in getting colors of any kind. Even in Holi festivities, children would first say no, but they would certainly wait for those who wants to initiate the playing , the same way this story written by the author unfolds the feelings of Charu who could not believe what has happened and felt very happy on seeing color sets thus handed over. The writing was very good and chance to win.
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    True. Many people in society are denied minimum comforts also. There are many intelligent kids in them but they are not able to come up because of the inadequacies they have financially. These are the people who require some help from the government but they will not get it as they are not aware of the benefits they can get.
    It is a good gesture from Amit to provide the requirement to his sister for polishing her skills and showing her true talent. She should thank her brother who purchased colours and pencils. In real life also there are families where they are not able to manage their food also and if any visitor offers him some money they use it for their food rather than purchasing items that are not very urgent. I wish the government will address the present system of reservations by suitably amending the rules and regulations and seeing that the reservations will be useful to dese

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    Indeed, love between the brother and the sister is pure and can't be purchased by money. I like this humane story developed by Umesh Sir.
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