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    Divergent thinking make you popular than others

    Some characters are inborn and they are inherited through the generations and some characters are made as our own with getting wisdom through our knowledge and experience. But there very little people who thing divergently on any matter and thus they have huge fan following also. Not that others are not up to the mark. as people want divergent thought process and not the regular ones, then these people are highly approached and heavily appreciated even for their small tip or suggestion that would make them feel very happy. What is your take on this subject.
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    One should think without any borders. Then only they will get the best solutions. You may call it out of the box thinking. While a solution is being worked out for a problem times we will stop thinking in some directions thinking that there are some obstacles to follow that. That means we are not allowing our brain to function in its full capacity. We are curtailing it. Instead of that if we allow our brain to think, we will get many solutions and we will find the best solutions also as part of those solutions. A person should focus completely on the problem while he thinks about the solutions. He should not eliminate some ideas thinking that they are not practicable. Then on,y we get more solutions and best solutions. Divergent thinking will be good for creative work and people who have this ability will shine in doing creative works. Even in schools also the teachers identify such students and encourage them.
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    This is the policy of the society that demands to get new things or ideas at every moment. Society is attracted to those who can find something new. So you have to give something new to attract yourself. And we all are engaged in something new that we can use to advertise ourselves. Just as the joy of new creation brings mental satisfaction to the Creator, society gladly accepts them through that creation. Immediately various media made him famous overnight. Nowadays, however, many things are becoming famous in the light of the media which lasted for a very little period of time. However, we all are very much addicted to our expected new objects always.
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    A nice topic raised by the author. Many people have very narrow minded views of the life and society around them. They can think only within a limited radius. They are actually like a frog in the well. If we want to think in a bigger way and for the welfare of the society around us then we have to come out of that narrow minded thinking.
    That is where the importance of divergent thinking lies. When we have to consider a particular issue or interact with our fellow beings then we must consider all the aspects of our relationships with them. There is no point in seeing the things from our own perspective only. Until and unless we accommodate the views of all others and then amalgamate their views with our views and then reach a common consensus, we would not develop in a proper direction. Society as a whole is only benefited when more and more people do efforts in this direction of thoughts.

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