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    We need to bring about equitable development everywhere

    The worst ever Human Development Index indicators can be seen in UP. The leader has done nothing on the economic front. The new jobs are just not there. The roads are in pathetic condition. Precious little has been done to make education far better than what it has traditionally been.

    At the heart of all these developments is the absence of equitable development. While new airports are being built, it is ridiculous to expect increased traffic in such airports if there is no meaningful industrial development. Whatever development is seen,the economic be edits are reportedly cornered by the upper caste people. Unless there is equitable development, there cannot be any development, not only in UP, but in other States as well.
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    Development on all fronts in all areas is always required for possible development in the country. The author is very much concerned about the state. But I am more worried about the whole country. Since independence, many parties ruled the country and the policies increased the gap between the poor and the rich. Rich people became richer. Poor people became poorer. I don't know whom to blame. Where the system went wrong. Corrupt people, corrupt policies and corrupt leaders are responsible for this.
    Airports are built but roads are not good. Railway stations are built but no train will come in time. Beautiful bus stations but unreliable bus service. This is what we're seeing and I don't know how long we will see that. Why blame a party and a person. Indian policies are made like that and no one can change. If anybody makes a try also we will never allow them to go ahead.

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    The author has shown his concern regarding the development of UP so that common mass is benefited. However, at the same time it is applicable for the entire country. The state governments were guided by their own policies and the benefits thereon were proportional to the policies adopted by the state government. During Jayalalitha's regime, freebies were available to common men to uplift their standards and later it was extended by states to benefit the people. However progress could be achieved through the sincere efforts of the states and the same can be seen in case of Kerala. We understand that if the good policies are implemented, surely we will notice improvement but that needs the officials working relentlessly towards this direction. Unless we are sincere in that direction, nothing concrete will happen.

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    Again the author has been so restless and cannot spend a day without having a dig at the performance of BJP where ever at centre or in other states. Talking about UP if the inclusive development was not there, then the voters would have sent the CM packing, but he won with greater majority and even in the minority pockets and that is notable. Coming to the equitable development in other states, when the respective state govts are not cooperating and not accounting for the funds given to particular project why the center would reach out. Moreover even today the UPI payments in West Bengal are not happening when the digital payments are the reality in other states and it is the ease to do transactions. Will the author question that state govt which is against the center policy and denying the digital convenience to the people there ?
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    Sivakumar Sir has raised a brilliant thread. Indeed equitable development is a must and this has been enshrined in the Directive Principles of the Constitution of the country. So, we must try to bring equitable development.

    While reading this thread, some doubts came to my mind. I thought that these doubts will definitely be cleared by the erudite Members of ISC. So, I am mentioning one such doubt.

    The author has stated: "While new airports are being built, it is ridiculous to expect increased traffic in such airports if there is no meaningful industrial development." -------------- So, no development, no airport. On the other hand, if there is no airport, how will be new/further development? Further, didn't developing new airport (for example, Jhawar Airport in UP) provide employment to thousands of people during first and second lockdown?

    Even if some intellectuals consciously try to make us forget this, should we forget?

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    AB Sivakumar,

    Please stick to the topic of the thread, namely lack of infrastructure and other types of development when an airport comes up. In response #753867 you have brought in multiple topics that are totally unrelated matters. It's about time, too, that you stopped referring to people speaking a particular language or from the Northern States as "Hindiwallahs". You may not mean it, but the way you put it sounds derogatory - at least that's the impression I get and it rankles me.

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