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    Can we allow the private sector to dominate higher education?

    One is afraid that the entire higher education is being cornered by the private sector educationists. For example, while Deemed Universities are good perse, they can become meaningful and most relevant only if they lead to good placement and accumulation of top class intellectual capital. At the moment, this is not seen in most deemed Universities, though the likes of VIT and SRM and Amity have done exceedingly well.

    We need the State Governments to allot meaningful funds to higher education and possibly go in for help through Corporate Social Responsibility activities of companies, for funding research that can lead to very good social outcomes. For example, if students of agriculture and the faculty members can innovate in the field of organic farming, we can preserve the strength of our traditional methods of agriculture and this can result in far better soil strength.

    Let there be more debates on the role of State Government Universities.
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    As long as there is no commitment among the people concerned, the money spent by the government for education will not give proper results. The majority of the money is going for salaries and pensions to the employees there. But I feel sorry to say many of the teachers has no commitment towards the students and educating them.
    A university professor will never be there in the department but he will be delivering a nice and excellent lecture in a private college for which he is being paid heavily.
    I want quality education for my children. I am not worried whether the institute is a private institute or a goverb=nemnt institute. I want my kid to get a placement after completing his studies. These days placement are very good in private engineering colleges but not in state universities. My elder son studied in a private engineering college and he got a placement when he was in his 4th year. My second son studied in a private engineering college. He git a placement well before his final results are declared. My brother's son is studying in a private college and his college is getting 100% placement for the last 7 or 8 years.

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    Today only I had been to a popular govt degree college in Secunderabad known for giving best citizens to the states through good teaching faculties. This college is very famous and each stream has four sections or 160 students. Today only 57 students are there in and the college cut it to two sections. The education is free, the books are free, and yet no takers for the degree courses in Telangana and the Principal was seeing a doom in future for higher education in gov sector. In this back drop the author might have got the cue to his post. The private sector has already taken plunge in the matter and giving best campus recruitment support even for the degree graduates and thus stands tall and undisputed. Though the fees are charged more, the students are chiseled out as professionals for sure and that ends the matter.
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    The author has presented a very interesting article regarding the facility of higher education in the private university and how far such an education is useful. If we glance over the quality education in the government college, we can have the competent professors over there but they remain busy delivering their lectures in some private colleges with attractive payouts for their endeavours. This is indicative that they are no more interested to upgrade the standards of the aspirants admitted for the course. Though the infrastructure of government colleges is superior with the laboratories catering to the needs of the students apart from other other facilities, they lack the devoted teachers.

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    This is an interesting discussion. If we consider the complete privatisation of higher education then there is a danger that it might become much costlier and might go beyond the reach of the common person. At the same time if we keep this segment under Govt then issues like mismanagement and indiscipline might crop up. So there are pros and cons in each situation. Possibly we can have a mix of both so that we can compare them well and people can choose the type of institution as per their liking. In fact we are already having a mix system presently in our country and we have to improve that in the both categories.
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    I believe that 'allow' is not the right word. At the present, the citizen has very less power in these sectors. It is the government that takes these decisions and as one can notice, when it comes to education the funds have been stagnant for a while. State funded education is very essential, and in many countries it is considered to be prestigious to be in one. However in India, state Universities have lost their charm and therefore the private sector have taken over. Thus, anyone who can afford it goes to a private uni. There is an utmost need for us as citizen to voice our concern when in comes to education sectors and it's need. The future relies on this sector and it's growth and when it is controlled by private sector, it becomes nothing but a business. State has to focus more on education, and we has citizen should fight to gain their attention.
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