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    Is this human life so uncertain?

    I have a habit of going to the temple that is very near to my house almost every Sunday. For the last two years, it was not going on regularly. But very recently again restarted. This Sunday when I went there I met him and wished him. He is a retired employee and he also comes to the temple regularly.

    Yesterday night my son has seen the same person coming back home from a nearby shop. Today morning when I got up. the news is that he left this land at the midnight in his sleep itself. His only son is in the US and his body is waiting for him to come

    I visited their family today. His wife is sitting with the body with no words. I felt a lot of grief and I felt that life is very uncertain. What a tragedy? Yesterday evening he was there and today morning he was not there. Is this life so uncertain? But we all struggle day and night without thinking about this uncertainty. How far it is required? Members are requested to comment.
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    The greatness of human life is that everything happens so sudden even astonishing ourselves and others and sudden death is also one among the surprise shock to everyone. It was always told by the elders that when a person is going to die, there would be certain indications to him so that he would prepare for last journey, but these days the deaths are happening so sudden and we the living persons has to undergo with shock and awe. Life is not guaranteed because we cannot control our living. That is the reason being so at the fag end of the age, the seniors would take to spiritual and religious life so that there would be sort of relief from the mechanised life and moksha is guaranteed. And I feel pity at those who plans big during the life without realizing that they may not live to enjoy all those benefits.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The existence of human life is not permanent, at any time the object called the soul can leave your body. There is no guarantee that he will be with you today or tomorrow. It is often seen that someone dies prematurely in an accident while old people die naturally. But death is a permanent form in all cases. It is also possible that many sages have died after receiving a hint of their own death. But in general, nobody can know his time of death.
    If you believe in reincarnation, the life of this world is temporary, and the life of the Hereafter is eternal. Life after death will be eternal. Life in this world is very short compared to that eternal life. And in this short life, we ??make a lot of mistakes along the way because people just make mistakes.
    And in order to correct those small mistakes, we have to devote ourselves to the interest of society for the overall betterment of our soul.

    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    Life is very uncertain and we do not know what will happen in the next moment. This is a fact and many people understand this as an ultimate objective of this immortal life. Still we can't ignore and shirk away from our day-to-day responsibilities and jobs in hand. We can't sit idle just by thinking that the next moment will not be there. Life is like that and it has to be taken in its true spirit.
    At the same time it is also necessary that we should have a philosophical and spiritual attitude towards our lives because sometimes if we don't have that understanding then we will be getting a shock from the happenings and incidents that we are seeing happening around us day and night. In our holy scriptures it is very well mentioned that we should do our work and should not be bothered for the results and outcomes which are going to be invariably there in the future.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It was a piece of sad news, hope God gives peace to his soul. Truly life is quite uncertain and perhaps that is why it is said that we should live in the present. Most people spend their lives in the troubles of the past or worry about the future and are unable to enjoy the present. Seeing, it leaves the time, and later comes the remorse. Many times after passing an age, people think that the time of that age was good but we did not enjoy it and we want that time to come back which is not possible. Live your life in the present and be happy with what you have.

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