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    By holding fuel price hike, once again wait and watch policy helped

    There was heavy negative news being shared in the social media that the on going war would result in huge fuel price hike and that may even touch 200 rupees per liter. But the central govt was holding the price hike since long time and even that was criticized that the holding was for the election purpose which was held in five states and then it would be increased. Now the good news is that the international fuel prices has come down drastically and India need not increase the price as panicked by the public. Bravo, the wait and watch policy has paid. Thanks
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    In the midst of our confusion regarding the hike of petroleum prices, it seems to be a rather a good news. We were anticipating that once the election of the states would be over, the government would take the extreme step to increase the existing rate in view of its steep hike in the international market. Let us hope that this holding should be continued for the interest of the consumers so that they remain protected from inflationary pressure.
    In India, if there is a surge of Rs 20/- per litre of the petroleum products, there would be immediate hike of Bus - fares and Taxi - fares irrationally and for which there is no regulatory mechanism.

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    It is good to hear that the international crude fuel prices have come down drastically. It is very good news for a common man. Already edible oil rates increased and many other product rates also are on increase. As such if petroleum product prices also increase, a common man might have suffered a big blow. But now the rates of inputs are coming, there may not be any increase in the rates of these products. If the government can reduce the prices it will be very helpful to the common man.
    Because of Russia and Ukraine wars, we are seeing a price hike of many items. Gold increased. Oils prices are going up. Rates of some other food grains and other items also are on the raise. If we can get some reduction in petrol and diesel it will be a big relief to all of us.

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    The state government has a political dialogue to "give something in the name of floods, epidemics, etc." to seek grants from the central government in the name of an epidemic. Some states have recently reduced the cess against increasing the price of petroleum products, but prices have not changed much. Even if the real price does not increase in the name of war, the price will increase at least a little in the name of war in our country. This is the true face of a country like ours. All the ordinary common man suffer as much here and another aristocracy reaps its profit. Although the price of crude oil has come down in the international market, the price of petroleum products is going up in this country in the name of the war. And once the price of petroleum products goes up, all the traders will change the price much more than the relative price change to increase their profit further in this situation, that is their custom. So I think it is better not to judge the price of our country with the price of the international market.
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    Understanding international trade and business especially in the times of war and conflicts requires good knowledge and understanding of the economic and financial scenario across the globe and it is good to note that our Govt could take an intelligent view on the fluctuating prices of crude oil in the world market. It would not only give respite to the general public but the industries and business houses whose performance and bottom lines quickly get affected by the changing oil prices. Let us hope that India is benefited by the present trend in the oil market and could store some extra oil for future use.
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