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    How to get rid of the illusion of superiority?

    Any type of complex in our lives is not a healthy sign. Whether it is a superiority complex or an inferiority complex, both have their own negative aspects.

    I want to discuss the superiority complex in this thread which many people possess and feel proud about it. This complex can arise from many false conceptions about oneself. For example, a highly qualified person can have a complex of knowing more than others. A very rich person might have a complex of having a lot of money. Though many times a superiority complex is a sign of prosperity it induces false pride and a personality complex in a person. There are extreme cases when such people do not talk to the people who are below them in financial or knowledge areas. In my opinion, it is a bad trait. People having such complexes should try to get rid of them by mixing with people and behaving politely with fellow beings. They will gain respect and acceptance in society if they follow that path of down to earth approach. What are your thoughts on this? Please share your views.
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    I fully agree with Umesh Sir: Any type of complex is not good for a person or for the society. And, the complex can be overcome by the person himself who is suffering from that particular complex. Others in the society can only help that person, but the main task of overcoming complex is for that person only.
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    True. Why should we have a complex? It is not good for our progress. If we think we know more than others, I will say that it is nothing but foolishness. Knowledge is like an ocean and what we know is not even a drop in that ocean. All these certificates and qualifications will only introduce us to the subject. But we learn only if we continue reading and understanding. Many elders used to say that even if we spend our full time of life in our learning what we learn will be negligible only.
    A person may be very rich. So what is great. He is also eating what the others are eating. Our life will be good and full of happiness if we forget the differences with other people and try to mix with all and go with everybody in a friendly manner. After all. we are all human beings only. We need not look at us we are inferior to somebody or somebody is inferior to us.

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    Nice post. Are there any super ambitious people in the world? Probably not. We always want to outdo someone. Build the best house, become the best accountant, write the novel of the century, reach the heights of the Olympics, compose immortal music, etc. Everyone has his own height, dreams, his own level. They take us forward, achieve success, and develop. Maybe it's not bad. But this desire unknowingly throws others away. Many times it seems that the meeting is fighting for a conspiracy. But what if we change the orbit of achievement and try to do something that does not mean competition, for something that has no limits, that will never end, that has no material boundaries, weights, or shapes? And the only criterion for achieving this will be our sense of happiness, for all and for all. Only then will it be successful.

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    I am fully agreeing with the author that superiority illusion is their in many people and this issue need to be discussed. For example among many of us also there are performers and to tell about the same is not to boasting of achievement, but to register the achievement against all odds which others failed and we got it. But there are people who are under the illusion that they are going to stay here for long. One such person known to me is going on accumulating wealth and has properties in both Telugu states and hop around to fetch rent. What he thinks that he has been expanding is wealth and investing in right prospective and fetching good returns. This is clear case of boasting about wealth and earning rent from both the Telugu states. But what is the use, there is no reach out to anyone from their side.
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