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    May be seems to be small but leads to danger

    It is told that a small hole can make the whole ship submerged. Similarly, many of us leave small hints carelessly and face a lot of problems later.

    Lying is always dangerous to any. If it is harmful to others the lie is more dangerous and one should never tell. That too telling lies is become very normal in humans after mobile usage comes.
    We used to see in bus or train our co-passenger telling somebody that he has passed that place etc and would take time take to reach that place. To cheat whom he is telling that lie? The other day I heard a man by sitting in a bus stand telling somebody over mobile that he was in the office!

    We dig our own pit by telling such lies.
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    These days telling small untruths has become very common. Sometimes they may lead us to a very big problem. Sometimes for no reason, people start telling lies. That serves no purpose. But they got accustomed to that.
    Some people will be good at managing the issues. They can say something now and after some time they may twist the issue and tell in a different way making fool of others. But some people may not be that good at managing things. Such people should be very careful and as far as possible they should not tell lies. Once you are sure that what you are telling is the truth you need not worry about anybody or anything. But we should have the courage to face the consequences. Some people will not have this courage and hence they start telling lies and ultimately will get into problems. Sometimes people will get into problems by forgetting what they told earlier. This problem mainly comes if we repeatedly say lies only.

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    The words "always tell the truth" and "lying is a great sin" are taught to us from the very beginning of life, in childhood. Because falsehood means confusion and deception. So it is advisable to stay away from lies. But in reality, falsehood is a part of the truth of life. Many people resort to lies when they need to. As a reason, I say, what is the harm of taking refuge in lies to escape the blow of truth? The lure of lies can drive thousands of people crazy. Falsehood can be true forever, as can be heard from various political leaders today. Some people lie unnecessarily, in which case their own guilt drags on and can lead to discomfort. It can be called a mental illness for some people or it can be to assert one's existence. So it is better to stay away from them.
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    What the author said is right, as we have advanced gadgets in hand the power of moving out and reaching the places is gone, and we try to control movement by telling lies. But people are not aware that when our GPS is on where are we, can be located by the caller and that is the reason being so police could easily trace the culprits. By sitting in the bus if some one says that he is the office and busy, that is the foolish admission because, the bus passengers talks, the bus noise and traffic noise are over heard by the called person and therefore the lie has been exposed. Telling lies once or twice is agreed and not minded. But lie should not be the way of life and for every lie additional lies are going to pile up and one day we would expose ourselves to others and then caught lying. Be frank and forthright, that would be liked by all.
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    Sometimes it becomes necessary to tell a lie of course depending on the gravity of the situation. But telling lies on small things and on small accounts just like that in a random fashion is in a bad taste. This not only makes the person unreliable but it reflects on his reputation also. We must remember that for covering one lie we will have to tell so many lies and that will be an unending process leading us to a very difficult situation where we cannot justify any of our lies including the first lie.
    The bad thing about this is that once a person forms a habit of telling lies then he becomes obsessed with it and tells lies without using his mind. One thing which is very important in our lives is to understand that when we can get our work done by speaking the truth then why to tell lies.

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