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    The lives of each of us are precious

    Every human being considers his own life as the most important and valuable. That is as normal as it is real. Everyone is more or less active in making their life safe and secure.
    But the whiplash of reality is not possible in the urge to live with everyone. Insecure-risky occupations are forced to choose to save lives. Due to this untimely loss of life in various accidents always happens. How can we all live a beautiful life with the risk of life? Let's talk about ways to make life better. Let us express your valuable ideas.
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    It is the fact that those who are born are going to die one day or the other and there is no second thought about it. But the deaths can be avoided and that is in our ends. For example in our ORR or the Outer Ring Road, though the motor cycles are not allowed to ply, the youth take the service road and enter the main road without the knowledge of patrol team and thus indulge in racing which goes beyond 120 kms and sometimes the vehicles go uncontrollable and resulting in gruesome accidents and eventual deaths. Now this is the classic example of inviting death. Had the children stayed back at home and not ventured for the race, they would have saved life and now the parents lost their only son. As far as possible accidents can be averted when we are alert and take precautions, and totally we should have driving in control.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Death is inevitable. But we should not invite death with our careless attitude and overconfidence. A human being who came to this earth should enjoy his life and see that he will be there till he reached old age. Sometimes because of certain things which are not in our hands s death may come early. But we should take all possible precautions so that we will not die at an early age itself.
    Speed is the desire of many youths these days. They drive their vehicles very fast and do all types of feet and that will land them in difficulties. When we are intoxicated we should not drive a vehicle. But many will not follow and end up with death.
    Respecting the law of the land, giving topmost importance to our safety and security and leaving behind the nothing will happen attitude are some of the points and if we follow them we can avoid accidents and we nay have a better life.

    always confident

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    It is very true that each and every life on this planet is equally valuable. But people are working and living in varied conditions and are exposed to more or less risk depending on a large number of factors. Accordingly the life of a person is affected and no one knows as what would be the future of a person in this risky environment. It is also true that society and the ruling regime should take care of the interest of the people and provide a conducive work environment to reduce the risks everywhere. If it is done then we can hope that the world would be a great place to live in a cordial and lovely environment where risks are reduced to minimum. This naturally requires cooperation and help from every quarter in the society.
    Knowledge is power.

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