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    What is the general know how related to better battery life?

    Currently, many digital devices run on a battery that can be recharged once it gets discharged. There are certain know-how if followed can be good for the battery life. There are many myths available in the market regarding battery performance and life. I want to know, which is the correct one. As far as I know, each battery comes with a fixed charging and discharging cycle. Once you totally charge and discharge, the cycle is over and it will be having one cycle less battery life remaining. I have read that, to get rid of this, one has to use the battery from 20 % to 80 % only. That means, If the battery level is around 20 %, one should charge it up to 80 % level, not more than 80 %. Do not charge beyond 80 %, else total or fully charged battery will reduce one more cycle from the battery life cycles.

    What are your readings related to battery life and performance?
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    What I have told by many experienced friends and relatives that cell phone recharging must be done to full and we should not charge to near or less. And if we charge the battery to full, even in the event of no power the cell phone life would last for two days. Especially during the journey the phone must be charged to full so that the whole journey would be hassle free. Never use videos during the journey and that would drain the battery fast. Before going to the bed switch off the mobile data and the back ground apps might be running and thus drain the battery. And keep the screen brightness to bare minimum so that much battery would be saved. Some phones wont work even they have 20 percent battery and we should not get fooled that there is some battery and the phone can survive. Have handy gadgets to charge battery soon.
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    Many people say that 20% to 80% we can use the battery. When the charge comes to less than 20% you should charge the battery again. Then it will give a better useful time. But some engineers told me that there is no problem even if we charge it fully and use it till it becomes 10% charged only.

    My usual practice is that I charge the battery to 100% and start using it. If the charge comes down to 25% I start charging it again. I have never faced any battery problems. Almost for 20 years, I am using these mobiles and I never faced any battery problems. I have never changed the battery. The present phone that I am using is almost 2 years old and so far no issue. But one should not talk while the phone is getting charged.

    These days because of the emergence of social media people started posting whatever they feel and started warding the message without any proper reference. If the mobile is from a standard company we need not worry much about the battery life.

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    Batteries are designed for a particular number of charging cycles and once that number is reached the battery becomes weak and finally dies away. So, keeping a battery alive for the maximum time it is suggested that when it reaches a threshold of around 10% then it should be charged and once it is charged more than 95% it should be disconnected and to be used for the next cycle. Apart from this there are many tips that is shared by the experts like using the phone in low light and low battery drain mode and keep it away from the heat or moisture or water, keep the screen lock time minimum, clean the phone memory time to time and keep it light etc. Many people are able to adhere to these guidelines and have the life of the battery of their phone get prolonged.
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