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    Like home pitch and advantage, Amazon fears about overtaking Mukesh

    In cricket the players have the advantage of playing in the home pitch as they know the ball wave length, the trajectory and even the pitch size to hit the boundaries. Same way Mukesh Ambani, the Reliance chief, and the most intelligent entrepreneur of private conglomerate has the advantage of understanding the Indian markets and people behavior and thus Amazon was unable to beat the inhouse knowledge of Mukesh Ambani business wise. When it comes take over, amalgamation or even winding up losing business, the Reliance experience is best. And Amazon lost in the forest.
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    That is true. People will have a native place advantage always. People will be known and the environment is well known. They will know the mentality of the people and they know their tastes and wishes also. Accordingly, they will change their needs and also they will understand the opportunities and use them accordingly.
    The same is the case with Ambani also. Now some people may say that the present Central government is favouring him and that is why he is becoming successful. Different people will have different theories and different understandings. Ultimately, Ambanis are becoming more famous and they are making good progress.

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    There are always advantages for the local people or businessmen to know the psychology and tastes of the common masses. They make their products considering their inclusion and tastes and as such they could be successful in their venture. Considering the efforts of Mr Ambani in the different business, he is quite successful since he is fully aware of the nerve of the people. Amazon of course is doing a splendid business but it does not have the grip of the customers. It is not able to identify their tastes fully and as such its business cannot flourish to the extent of Mr. Ambani.

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    The author is requested to explain what is the wavelength of the ball. This term is new to me so I want to learn about it. I heard about the good length, short-pitched balls but not about the wavelength of the ball.
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    Amazon is a highly professional company. On the other hand Reliance is also an equally capable company under the leadership of its owner Mukesh Ambani. So the fight is between the two titans and it would be worthwhile to watch as who would be winning in a longer run. Ambani has an inherent advantage of playing on the ground pitch but sometimes we lose matches in our own pitches also so Ambani have to play their game meticulously and precisely. Amazon has got a team of highly professional people who can steer the company in a proper way in the desired direction. It is difficult to give a verdict in this matter beforehand as business is a complicated process and there are many factors like Govt policies and customer attitude which determines as who would be the ultimate winner.
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