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    Self employment is the best way to tide over unemployment crisis

    Every year the unemployment crisis is increasing and within three months of this year, the unemployment among the qualified youth has increased by 26 percent and this way no central or state govt can help the youth to provide employment and therefore the best way to tide over the crisis is to go for self employment as each youth as their hidden talent, and let there be inclusive cooperation from like minded friends and start their own business and in that process they are also able to give employment to few. Instead of wasting time on getting a job, the youth must start earning on their own business.
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    You are right. Self-employment makes a person independent and gets the freedom to get the work done and earn money. But not every unemployed man is able to do self-employment. They need courage and risk-taking the ability to survive in this competitive world. People are moving very fast in every field and one has to be in the same flow to match or catch the flow. Yes, It is possible to start with small but long-term sustainability requires dedication and long-term perseverance.
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    When a citizen applies all his / her qualifications but is deprived of any job or employment opportunity, he/she is generally called unemployed. It is a dangerous issue in our country.
    Although the present government has undertaken some pilot projects to eradicate unemployment or solve the problem of unemployment, a small number of unemployed youth have benefited a little. Unemployment is one of the reasons for our lack of opportunities for vocational education. Skilled workers are not being created due to a lack of technical knowledge. Unemployment is also a problem in developed countries but in that case, they live by their own merits and skills in various independent professions. We need to get rid of the notion that everything is over if there is no public-private or any other job. Social self-esteem works in them. There must be self-respect. So is it better to live an unemployed life without getting a job and taking up any other independent profession? Any independent business can be done if necessary. Investing some money from sitting idle, fish farming, cattle rearing, dairy farming, or any other business can be taken up. As a result, as employment increases, the unemployment situation can be tackled. However, the Corona epidemic has led to many unemployed self-employment projects in our country. This is a positive sign.

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    Unemployment become the major problem in India. Self employment is the process of creating their own employment. In this process they have to create themselves a fund to start any business or project. This type of Self employment may help to withstand themselves but in many cases failures will be caused that put them great hardship. Even the central government presently giving mudra loans for Self employment very less percentage becoming successful. This prestigious scheme didn't gave boost to reducing unemployment problem. It is better for government to give first training in various technical fields like tailoring, mobile repairing, TV repairing, shoe and bags making, Computer courses, etc. so that they get confidence in starting up the business that lead to success. Only trained youth only to be given mudra loans from government side. There is no use of giving loans unless the unemployed youth get some some technical expertise in a field.

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    What the author has suggested is right that the youths can take their own initiatives to get themselves employed in such areas for which they have interest. Of course, initially they need some money to start their own business. In that way, they will at least get a gainful opportunity utilising their own skills for generating money. Investments could be minor to heavy ones depending upon their inclinations. If they are ready to go in for a tea stall with some snacks in their local areas, roughly ten thousand rupees would be sufficient but installing a forging shop being a Mechanical Engineer would require whopping amount of money. The rate of success in their chosen areas would be proportional to their involvements and passions. If they choose the careers of tutors in the science subjects, their incomes would be highly satisfying if they teach a group of students preparing for the Engineering Entrance Test numbering not less than six for an hour on alternate days. During the starting phase, their charges could be minor but once, you gain popularity, fees could be stepped up. With the time, the youths would have tremendous satisfaction apart from generating huge income in their chosen fields.

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    Every year many qualified persons are added to the pool of already unemployed total and govts cannot do justice to all.
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    Unemployment is a real worry in the country. Much educated youth are trying for jobs and they are not able to get the desired job. Educational Institutions are increasing and revert year more and more qualified youth are coming out and not able to get a job. The central government or the state government can't bring so many jobs every year. Not to the present government but also for any government it is impossible. So the best solution is to make our arrangements for making some income for living. We know what work we can do better and what is our skill. Accordingly, we can choose some work and continue in the same.
    The son of a relative of mine refused to Join Engineering after his intermediate. He did some certification courses in photography and he joined a team to make videos. Within two years, he became a good videographer and now he is earning almost a lakh of rupees every month. Hie is very happy now and established his start-up and giving employment to 5 or 6 people.

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    The important thing here is the suggestion of self-employment is provided because of lack of employment, isn't it? In most cases, the students continue their studies with the hope of finding a good job and the parents also have the same mindset. When they study the concentration is only on scoring good marks and securing admission to renowned colleges and universities with the sole intention of joining a good organization with a good pay package. When all such hopes are dashed suddenly if someone suggests looking for self-employment opportunities then the students will find it quite difficult. Dr Rao has mentioned something quite interesting here where he mentioned the son of his relative refusing to join engineering courses and learning videography instead. The boy was interested in photography since childhood and nurtured his talents afterwards to start something out of his own. The question here is how many parents in our country allow their children to choose their passion as a career? In this case, is there any chance to nurture the hidden talents of the youths?

    Planning something to do out of one's own since childhood and choosing it as an option when not getting a job is quite different. The success rate of self-employed persons is not so high because most of them are nurtured since childhood to find a good job and not to do something of their own. If the talents are properly nurtured from childhood and children are guided accordingly I am sure they will start looking for self-employment opportunities rather than looking for a job.


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    There was a time when people did not consider self employment as a viable option for survival. They always looked for Govt or private jobs and many people were able to get those jobs also. Unfortunately with the passage of time things changed drastically and technological advancements created robotic and automatic facilities for carrying out various jobs and in addition to that the increasing population also added to the lessening of job opportunities. All these factors forced people to look for alternate options and the most probable one is the self employment only. But the self employment option is not so easy as it seems to hear about it. The reason is that the business environment is flooded with the entrepreneurs and new business entities and then to make a place in it by a newcomer is a herculean exercise. Still people are trying to find a corner for their sales and services in the crowded area and trying to make a living. Today we have to somehow learn the art of self employment for our survival as there are no other easy means to make a living.
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