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    Court cases prolong as the witnesses fail to testify

    Let it be civil courts, criminal courts, lower courts, district courts, sessions court, high court or even Supreme court, many cases are pending since two decades for want of deposing the witnesses as listed in the original lawsuit and the respective police stations fail to produce the witness to testify before the judge and thereby the courts are unable to decide the cases. The police over action to book a person on the pretext of crime fail to bring in proper evidence and thus waste the time of honourable courts and the accused are made to wait for years together for court verdict. Who is to going to change this drawback?
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    Yes, it is true. In India loads of cases are pending in all different category of courts as the hearing of these cases are postponed repeatedly. Some of the persons involved in these cases are in jails years together and some of them freely moving in the society by getting bails. Some of the cases in pending more than 15 years or even decades together. The courts must be provided with efficient crime investigating teams to bring perfect evidences for the judges to give clear verdict. Until unless the judiciary system is renovated , the cases always pile up and become unmanageable. Our honorable CJ of India forwarded some steps towards this direction. The government also must cooperate with judiciary to bring necessary changes and facilities to solve the loads of pending cases.

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    In some courts the police which registered the case and brought accused in the beginning failed to turn up during hearings and dates.
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    Law is the most complicated area. There are so many lawyers who can interpret a law clause in varying ways. Presence of witnesses is one of the primary requisite for resolution of a dispute. If due to some reasons witnesses are not available then the court case simply lingers in want of them and the next date of hearing is given by the court. These are some of the inherent problems faced in the court cases and judges cannot do anything except giving a date in future which of course is only a way to postpone the present problem to a future date. This means that the system in vogue requires some drastic changes and that can only be done through a new legislative procedure.
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    Justice denied on time is justice denied forever. This is what we hear from many people. If a person who spends in jail about 15 years if found not guilty, how can his agony be compensated? Who will compensate the same? A culprit got bail, he will happily and never hesitate to do a crime again. He never bothers about the courts as he knows that getting bail is not that difficult. A court will have only ears but not eyes. So when there is no proper witness, they can't decide who is the real culprit. Till they get a correct witness they will be going on postponing the case. Corruption is playing an important role in the Indian police system. So they will have their own reasons to delay the case finalisation.
    Courts should be supported by police to finalise the cases and give their verdicts. When it is not there courts also can not do anything. The whole system is to be reorganised, Corruption should not be encouraged in any place. Then only we will not have this type of complaint.

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