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    Refugees are the witnesses of all the violence in the world

    A refugee is a person who is living outside the country of his or her country because of his or her nationality, religion, citizenship, particular community, or political affiliation, for fear of losing his or her life in a very dangerous situation. Wherever there is war or violence in the world, a group of refugees originates. And they have been forced to give up everything and take shelter in foreign lands. They bear witness to all war and violence because they are the real oppressed. Hence the origins of violence and refugees are marked as evidence of the demise of the nation as a whole. Express your thoughts.
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    Yes, it is the truth that those who cannot oppose war, oppose the governments at war, has no other go but leave the country leaving everything and moving to neighboring country where they are assured the asylum, food and security. India has been the center for refugees in the past and present and we treat every has the same. Since India gave asylum and refugee to Dalai Lama, China has been fuming at India and always challenges with war mind. For the refugees they cannot go back again as all the things they lost cannot come back and the locals would not recognize them anyway. Therefore ekking the new way of life in another nation is the challenging situation and some time these refugees are the targets by opposition who wants such persons be returned back to their own country as India is not a asylum center.
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    Whenever there is a war there will be refugees. They will move from one place to another to find shelter, food, and other facilities from which they are being deprived during the process of the war. These innocent and gullible people are caught in the middle of the war and move from one place to another in search of a place to live. War is the outcome of enmity and conflict between the powerful entities and innocent people are caught in its clutch. The problem of refugees can be tackled only by avoiding the wars in this world and for that there should be a consensus.
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    Refugees are the worst sufferers since they have to leave their own countries due to the unrest conditions. Moreover they have lost every assets under their possession. This could be their well furnished homes, lands and other valuable assets. It is the only war which has changed their status from the comfortable zone to the most distressing one. Taking shelter in other country with the refugee status is definitely humiliating one but there is no way for survival other than accepting this status for the time being.

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    I feel that is correct. Refugees are witnesses to the violence in the country. This violence may be due to external forces or internal forces. We may have many illegal migrants from neighbouring countries. But they are not refugees. They entered illegally in our country due to the problems they are facing in their country. They may not be able to have a living in their country and hence they may be moving to the neighbouring countries.
    Wars and unrest create a lot of problems in the countries and people may vacate their lands and wealth go running to the nearest place where peace is there. As they are refugees they will not have any rights in this place and at the same, they will not be very comfortable in the new place. But as there is no other option to survive they will become refugees. Many innocent people suffer a lot because of the problems among the power holding people and nobody bothers about the fate of common people in their country.

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