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    Our life is painted on the memory of tears and laughter.

    Life brings tears, laughter, and memories. With the passage of time, tears dry up one day, laughter also fades away, laughter and tears come back as happiness and sorrow each after another. All these are permanently etched in his memory. That memory, no matter how sad or happy, carefully protect him for the future. Because that memory can be a companion in the path of life one day without any reason. So in our life, memory is permanent and everything is temporary. What do you think?
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    Our life memory is permanent and everything else is temporary. The sad, bad, ecstasy, happiness and overwhelming moments always remembered by us. The sad moments would be revisited again and again because the ordeal was tough and the way we came out of the situation always makes us to remember that bad phase of life again and again. And good period in life is always with laughter and smile and preferably enjoyed with family and friends. And good moments are always recorded through photos and videos and that becomes the ready reckoner for the future. While good moments takes us to further planning of good events in future, the sad moments makes us to sulk and awe as we are afraid of the same repeating again. One thing is sure good and bad moments happen in tandem and therefore we should not worry.
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    We are mortal but the universe is immortal. This is what we hear and read many times. No human being is permanent.
    As mentioned by the author happiness or sorrow or laughter or tears nothing are permanent. But I feel even memories are also not permanent. One of the biggest boons we got from God is forgetfulness. Many things we will forget. If everything we remember, we will see many wars in this world.
    When we hear a piece of bad news, we may be worried for some time but slowly other important things will peep into our minds and we will become normal and we will forget the bad news that we heard. The same is the case in many issues. Of course, some points will be there always in our memories but the impact will become less.
    When a human being himself is not permanent how can we say memories are permanent.

    always confident

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    Everything will remain intact in our memory. Our memory is a strange thing in itself and contains all our experiences good or bad. So, these memories are nothing but a history of our past life and its reverberations in those situations. Many times these situations repeat in our lives to make us concious about their strength and effect on us.
    The sequence of these memories constitute a story of an individual and the viscissitude of one's life.

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