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    Covid-19 new vaccines, booster doses, vaccines for children

    As the world's health experts and scientists undertake more research on the Covid virus and its variants, simultaneously there are developments on measures to diagnose early, give treatment, and help in preventing fatalities through vaccines. In India, we now have a number of vaccines, including the latest one, which is the Corbevax vaccine for children who are 12 to 15 years of age.

    I would like to know if members have taken a vaccine other than the initial ones, namely Covishield and Covaxin. Did any of you take the ZyCoV-D vaccine or the Sputnik V vaccine?

    Also, now with the Corbevax vaccine available, did the children in your family or kids of anybody you know take the first jab yesterday when it was launched all over India?

    What about the booster dose of Covishield or Covaxin that is available for 60+ citizens and for health workers? Did any of you, if eligible, take it for the third time?

    [A note- the booster dose is known as the precaution dose on the Cowin vaccine slot booking site, if I am not mistaken, and should not be confused with 'Dose 3' that is mentioned on the portal, as that will be for the ZyCoV-D vaccine]
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    In our house all the four has taken the Covershield two doses, and booster dose is not applicable to us as we have not attained the 60 years. In Telangana through government hospitals and area serving centers, the Covishield is only available and in private hospitals the Covexin is given at the cost of 750 per dose then. But there is no availability or access of ZyKov-D or Sputnik V vaccine as suggested by the author. In our house there is no children , however our relatives have the children in the age of 12 to 15 and they are yet to be taken with vaccine. Now that the registration for vaccines to children is open, the people are not hurrying and wants to have the feedback from the others. Because Corbevax is new to Telangana and here parents are harping for Covishield only for the children safety and longevity.
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    For the second dose of Covishield, we had got an SMS alert that the dose was due and by which date we should take it. Does anyone know whether similarly for the precaution dose, we will get such a notification? Also, I am confused about the gap between the second dose and the precaution dose. As and when we are eligible for it, how long after the second jab should we take it? Three or six or nine months later or even earlier than three months? At one site I read 6 months. Has anyone read any official Govt. health notification on this?
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    In Hyderabad, a booster dose is being given to any person irrespective of the crossing 60 years. My wife is not crossed her sixty. We both took Covishield's third dose one month back. We took it in a private hospital by paying the prescribed money. As per the government norms, only those people who completed nine months after taking the 2nd dose of Covishield are only eligible for the 3rd dose. No SMS alert will come. The hospital itself told me that only people who completed 9th months only are eligible and they refused to give the third dose if 9 months are not completed. I heard that some hospitals are giving before 9 months also but the certificate will not be generated on that day. The certificate will be generated only after you complete 9 months. This is the situation in Hyderabad of Telangana. In AP also they are giving only after 9 months. But I don't know about the position in the states. After taking the precautionary dose we have no problem but my brother has a slight fever for one day.
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    Though it is called a booster dose, it is actually a third dose only. When I went for my second dose I was given the dose of Covishield from the same vial from which the booster dose was given to the senior citizens who were before me. Since the nurse did not ask me whether I was to have the second dose or the booster one before administering the vaccine I got a bit confused and she then confirmed that there is no difference and that all the doses are same. And as for the booster dose, as per what I have been told, it is to be taken after nine months from the date of the second dose. Nothing can be said about the message part because I did not receive a message for the second dose even.
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    After seeing the result of two vaccine doses the scientist felt that a booster dose might help in protecting the people once the effect of two doses in diminished. With that idea it was proposed that people who have less immune that is mainly in the age group of 60+ should be given a third dose of the same vaccine and this was named as the booster dose. There is not much clarity as after how much time of the second dose the booster dose is to be taken but in general it I accepted as 9 months. The problem in this matter is that continuous research and development work is going on and newer ideas are being shared by the scientist communities and after the necessary clinical tests Govt agencies are approving them for use in the common people. Once the effect of earlier vaccine doses is diminished fully then it can be said that another type of vaccine can be taken by an individual. Of course this will require confirmation by the medical experts as varied opinions are floating about this in the media. If we update our data in Ayush application then we would get the message for the booster dose also.
    I remember there was a time when during our childhood we had to take certain vaccines every year to maintain the resistance against external attacks. The booster dose is in the same nature and we might have to go for more booster doses in future, may be once a year, if the virus does not get eradicated from this world.

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    Booster dose was designed to be vaccinated especially to the senior citizens to protect them from low immunity if any in their cases. But it appears that it did not contain any special formulation but it resembles the second dose of vaccination in respect of Covishield. However, the duration of gap is important and at least the gap should be at least nine months prior to administration of the booster dose.

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    I have read a number of articles about various experts mentioning that we ought to take a totally different vaccine from the first two ones, and not the same one, whereas some say it should be the same. Why can't there be clarity on this? Also, it seems we do have to wait for 9 months before taking the booster dose.

    Yes, Saji, the third dose is the booster dose, but, as I said, on the Cowin site it will be given as 'precaution' dose since it should not be confused with 'Dose 3' which is for those who took the ZyCoV-D vaccine, since this vaccine does require three jabs.

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    An additional query and I think a relevant one, is this - why can't we decide which vaccine we would like to take as the precaution (booster dose)? Why should it be mandatory to take only what we took the first two times?

    Secondly, why is the Govt. sending millions of Covovax (it is manufactured by the Serum Institute, which provided us with Covishield) to other countries but is not making it available for the citizens of India? Why is the Govt. silent on this, not explaining the reasons for its unavailability here? When the Govt. took steps to ensure that Covishield and Covaxin were available in plenty for citizens, what is keeping them back to release Covovax in the market?

    Thirdly, why should Corbevax be limited only to those in the age group of 12 to 15 years? Has it been manufactured specifically for that age group alone? Surely it would be fine for adults to take it, too? Why is there no information released on this?

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