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    Getting colouring book was my childhood dream

    Since childhood, I had much interest in drawing. Every time I used to make drawing on simple paper and colour them. I had never seen a colouring book. One day, A guest came to my house with a small child which belonged to my age group. She was having a small bag in which a colouring book and pencil was there. They entered my house and sat. Her parents engaged in talking with my family members. She opened the bag and took out the colouring book and started to colour It. Her colouring book was very attractive and expensive. I had not seen such a colouring book before. I was fascinated by it. So, I also wanted to same colouring book. When they went away I insisted to my mom to give same colouring book. But my mother denied giving because of the high cost. As I belonged to a medium class where money was spent on the necessary item. I had so fascinated by that colouring book that every time I dreamt of getting It. After four years, once I participated in a quiz contest and I got first prize. They gave same colouring book which I dreamt of. Thus my childhood dream was fulfilled and I was filled with joy.

    This is my entry for the photo-based creative contest.
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    Children are always fascinated by the colors and if they are gifted with color box and color book, the joy has no bounds and they would be busy in creating their own world of color canvas not necessarily on the dotted line of the color book, but beyond the imagination of the teacher and the parents. Normally parents feel that small kid should not be exposed to color books and color box as they tend to put the same inside the mouth and that would create health problems. But coloring is the part of life in schooling at the Kindergarten level and as parents we should deny that access to them. Sometimes our relatives and friends would give the same color box which we have dreamt for long as the parents were denying and that would be the double joy for sure. One thing is sure, the best creativity of a child can be seen in the coloring book.
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    That is good. Even though you don't have money to purchase a colouring book, you have enough intelligence to win a quiz competition which fetched you a drawing book. So your desire is fulfilled. Many people say that if we strongly wish to get something, we will get it some way or another. The same is proved in your case also.
    When we are in our childhood we may see something which somebody is having and we feel that we should get it. During my childhood days, my neighbour's son who was very elder to me was wearing a beautiful snuff colour shirt. I liked that shirt and I approached my grandfather and asked him to get me a similar shirt. He said OK. When he went to the nearest town purchased the cloth and got it stitched. I used that shirt for many years.
    As a child, we never know about the affordability of the same as we will not have any idea about the financial status of the house. At the same time, elders can't say no to the children easily. So they take more time and somehow manage to fulfil the wish of the kid.

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    An interesting incident described by the author. Children are fascinated by the colours and many of them use colours to make drawings and art. It is also true that every child is not able to buy these things just like that as the parents have to afford it. Generally students start sketching with colour pencils and once they get interest in it they go for water colours. Next stage is acrylic or oil colours which give a professional touch to ones work. A child generally feels happy and contented when his drawing is colourful and is appreciated by the parents. Parents should also motivate and encourage the children for better drawings and paintings.
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