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    Taliban mocks at India by assuring security if Embassy is opened there ?

    Having eager to gain International recognition for Militia government, the Taliban has come out with open offer to provide full security to Indian officials if the Embassy opened in Kabul. This is real mockery of sorts coming from the Militants, whose past deeds cannot be forgotten and they have been sidelined by every govt for unceremoniously taking over the elected govt. How can they expect India to agree to their request. Though India has made huge investment made, the offer seems to be tempting but against our political will. Any comment ?
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    True. I don't think that India will open its embassy by sending officials from here. As mentioned by the author the Taliban government may be assuring us safety and security for the people going and working in our embassy. But we can't rely completely on that offer.
    The Indian Embassy in Kabul was evacuated within two days of the Taliban taking control of the city on August 15th. It is locked and no one damaged it. The Embassy is situated in a well guarded by the Taliban called "green zone". India's consulates in Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad and Kandahar were also closed.
    Already some countries started their embassies there and they are working normally. Working of the embassy may not be an indication that the country recognised the government that is in force as of now.

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    Once Taliban got control over Afghanistan, their next wish would be to have diplomatic relationships with the countries around the globe. But the problem is that seeing their past record a few countries only would opt for that option. As we all know that Taliban are a militant force and their actions would be unpredictable in future as they have rigid rules for people living under them in their regime. So posting people in that country would be to leave them on the mercy of these militants. Govt would think twice before taking any action in that direction. Living in Afghanistan would not be an easy task for the outsiders.
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    India is the peace loving country and Taliban offer cannot be considered for obvious reasons.
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