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    Virus contained. Grand reasons to celebrate Holi. Greetings to all

    For the past two years, there has been dull and lull festivities across the country and that includes Holi. This color festival lost the pride and enjoyment which the people expect in huge way for two years owing to pandemic and waves of virus. Now that India totally contained the spread of virus and even going ahead with vaccinating the children above 12 years, there is a positive mood among the people not to worry about any more disease spread and thus this Holi proves to be beginning of the great festivities in line through the year. Append your greetings here. My best wishes to everyone for Holi.
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    Best wishes on Holi to all! To the Bengalis, Preeti o Subhechha on Dol Purnima!

    Let's sing: "Hori khele Raghuveera Awadh-me, Hori khele Raghuveera!"


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    I also wish everyone a happy holi. The virus seems to be contained, thanks to the massive vaccination program undertaken by the Govt in time that had probably created a great herd immunity in the people to fight with this deadly virus and the mutated form of the virus in the third wave could not do much harm to the society. Definitely, this paves way for a fun-filled Holi this time and people especially the children will enjoy this festival wholeheartedly. Though it seems that we are out of the danger but still in some parts of the globe the virus is still active and as today countries are well connected to each other through air flights there could be a danger of it in getting spread to far off places. So we must observe the basic precautions especially with the people coming from abroad and keep distance and follow all the safety precautions.
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    Wishing all ISCians and their families a very Happy Holi! Celebrate the festival with due care and caution.
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    Happy Holi everyone!

    Note that India has not "totally" contained the spread of the virus as grandly stated in the main text of this thread. The virus is very much still spreading and, sadly, deaths continue. Cautiousness is still very much required.

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    India has contained 98 percent virus and covid management on vaccines phase wise also hassle free.
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    Happy Holi to all the members of ISC. After two years today again we have seen some people on the road who are completely in colours. No restrictions and many have forgotten the precautions that are to be followed.
    It is good to celebrate but no risk should be taken.
    Already news about the 4th wave in China and some other countries are being heard and there is news that China is under lockdown. Somewhere I read the name of this variant as Deltacron also. Of course, so offer the spread is not there in our country. But we should not be careless and we should take all required precautions so that we will not have any further threat,
    Being cautious is very important and there is no harm also in that. So let all of us celebrate Holi cautiously and avoid gatherings.

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    I wish all the members happy Holi and the same has been possible for the pain the government has undertaken to contain the corona virus. We have had a massive programme of the vaccination and thanks to the people that they made this campaign successful with their maximum participation. We have now strain free time to think over the aspects.
    But one more thing to be added is that the precautions earlier taken to combat the virus might resurface as being witnessed in the China currently. Hence it would be tge best policy to wait and watch the time ahead.We should be prepared to face the situation, if it comes in our ways.
    Let us enjoy the Holi with a great fervour but must avoid the gatherings.

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    A very Happy Holi to all! Spread the colour to make the lives of your near and dear ones colourful. Be cautious and play it safe.

    It cannot be said that the spread of the virus has been contained and we need to remain vigilant for some more time. We must enjoy but at the same time, should also take necessary precautions.


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