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    Making a balance between old traditions and modern ways of living

    We all have some cultural and traditional background and we follow some rituals and practices based on our religion and culture. At the same time we have adopted to many modern practices in our living which many times interact and even conflict with our traditions and beliefs. Obviously this type of situation will call for some adjustment between the two so that conflicts and confrontations are minimised and the family environment remains cordial and pleasant. It is, in my opinion, necessary to follow and maintain our traditions without conflicting with the modern ways of the life. What are your experiences in this regard? Are you able to make a good balance between the two? Please share your views and opinions.
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    It is the fact that our old traditions when followed need strict adherence to the set principles and ideals to which modern ways of living cannot adjust and confrontation do takes place. For example when Shradh or the yearly death ceremony is performed, the house hold would prepare all the food items to be offered to the two priests who would sit in the Havan and then have the food and all these rituals takes lots of time and only after eating of the priests and sent them home with having parted with donations and clothes the house members need to eat. Normally by the time house members sits for the meals , the time would be 2 pm or 3pm to which modern girls or boys are restless and they cannot adjust and insists that they would have snacks ordered online to meet their hunger needs, but that is not allowed in our tradition.
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    Old traditions and modern ways of living. How to get both of them married? A new tradition with a mix of old traditions and modern ways of living will get unearthed. What to call that way of living I don't know. But many of us doing the same. We get up in the morning offer prayers to God following the old traditions with a dhoti and kandava. After that, we will go to the office with a bag in our hand that contains our food packet also. This is the modern way. As per our old tradition, we are not supposed to carry cooked food in our boxes. But we are violating but there is no option. Can we call it semi old and semi-modern culture?
    We have adjusted to the conditions that are prevailing around. We can't force the youth to follow the practices what we are following. At the maximum, we can explain to them the pros and cons of both the traditions and leave. They may decide as per their understanding and logic.

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    We need balance in everything we do. Without balance there is choas. Similarly, when it comes to mindset, it should be a balance with tradition and modernity. The younger generation has to respect the past traditions and the older generation has to accept the modern changes that are coming. Accomodation is a way to live happily amount every generation. An old soul has to understand that many traditions are problematic in the current world therefore it is the best to alter then or let them go. On the other hand, teenagers has to understand that without traditional practice we have nothing left of our past to celebrate, therefore they should be accepting towards it. It is a matter of understanding between the everyone. I agree with the author that a good balance is the solution to the uncertainty of this world. All agreement can be let go off if we respect each other and are accomodating to create a perfect balance of traditional modernity.
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