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    Pakistan has fuel stocks for just five days ? India managed it well

    While countries caught napping when the war started with Russian invasion on Ukraine, India already getting the fuel stocks from the pool it has made during the Covid preparedness purchase at the lesser rate and having good relations with India, even Russia offered fuel rates at much discounted price and therefore we tied the crisis and there is no shortage of such. However Pakistan has now pressed the panic button that it has the fuel stocks only lasting for five days and that spells doom to country which is already embroiled in economy setbacks due to US sanctions. This is really shocking for other countries too.
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    That is true. The fuel stocks are very important for having all the activities keep running. If there are no stocks of fuel and if we have to purchase from other countries now the rates may be higher and even the countries may ask for additional price also and that will have a very bad effect on the country. We have to see how Pakistan is going to manage the situation. Probably they may be hoping that war will be over or their friendly country China may help them.
    Luckily there is no increase in the price of fuel in India as per the thread opened by the same author recently the crude oil prices are reduced and hence there may not ba any increase in the immediate future. So India may be sitting pretty wit existing stocks as well as the available fuel at a lower price.

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    It is very true that the trade practices of India are of quite a good standard and we are benefited by that to quite a good extent. India is a highly populated country and our Govt stocks a good quantity of oil for future use. While doing so price of the oil offered by the exporting countries is a prime measure to be considered by the importing country. This requires economic and commercial considerations to be pondered over and I feel that India has been quite successful in managing these issues. Pakistan is having an ailing economy and it would be very difficult for them to get a good consignment of oil in this situation as their foreign exchange position might not be good.
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