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    The friendship colour never fades

    Meera was very upset because her best friend, Ria, was not with her. Meera belonged to a very poor family, while Ria belonged to a high-class family, as her father was in a good position in the Municipal Corporation. When Meera met Ria, it was also an interesting story.

    Meera's family was so poor that they had not even a small house. They lived in a jhuggi on unauthorised land. Once, the municipal corporation removed these jhuggi, and the people living there became homeless. Then Meera and her family were forced to live on the footpath. And then she started selling flowers, and one day she fainted due to hunger. Then a car stops near her, and a man takes her to his home, which was nearby, and gives her food and new clothes. There she finds Ria, a dumb girl, the daughter of the man. Meera liked Ria, and Ria also liked her. They became friends. Now Meera comes daily to meet her. She began to understand her words very well. They played, danced, and drew with colour together. In a few days, the Holi festival was coming; hence, Meera and Ria were both excited to celebrate the festival with each other. But one day, Ria heard that her father had gotten a promotion. And now they will have to shift to another city. She got upset. She told Meera about that. Meera also became sad because now she would no longer see her. The day came when Ria's father got his transfer letter and Ria's family left for another city.

    Now Meera had started feeling lonely and being sad too. The same was the case with Ria, on the other hand. On Holi, Meera was sad, so she did not take an interest in anything. Her mother had tried everything to please her, but it was all in vain. Suddenly, her mother screamed with joy. Meera saw that a girl was coming towards her with Holi colours. Her happiness knew no bounds. Yes. This was Ria. Both hugged and applied Holi colours to each other. Then, Ria's father gave the news that the government had allotted flats to all the jhuggi dwellers whose jhuggis were demolished and that they would get them after Holi. Hearing this, everyone got a wave of happiness and enjoyed Holi.

    Entry for the Colours - a photo-based creative writing contest
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    A nice story. Friendship will not lose its colour anytime and will be permanent always. A real friend will try to help his/her friends even out of the way. This fact is proved in this story. Even though her friend's father went to another city, he could manage the people here and see that his daughter's friend's family will get flat. So one should have influence or one should have a friend who is having a good influence. Then we can get our work done easily. The friendship between the two proved to be a true friendship and such friends are very rare these days.
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    A beautiful story indeed. Friendship brings out a great version of us. For friends we endure a lot and we want the best for them at any cost. Even when in friendship we grow apart, we wish success to them and store the good memories in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Just like in the story where the characters have grown apart but still long for each other to meet, we crave our friends when we are out of reach from them. We desire to rekindle the friendship so that it goes on forever.
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    A good satire by the author. Friendship is a great bond between two people and many times it does not care for the level difference between them. That is the situation where the friendship can be enjoyed between the people. The basic premises of the friendship lies in having good time in presence of the friends. It is human nature to seek friends and their company and in that pursuit friendship develops. Next thing essential in this relationship is to maintain and prosper this to higher levels where there is no selfish motive behind the friendship. Once we reach that level, the real nectar of friendship can be availed.
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    The author has presented a nice story reflecting the bond of friendship. In fact, friendship does not remain confined to the people having similar status and sometimes it might go beyond that limit. The same thing was applicable between Meera and Ria. This might be one of illustrations of close friendships. However, we have seen such friendships rare these days since people are practical and rational. Even though they might be tempted to develop intimacies despite their status difference, they might be discouraged to go ahead for such friendships by their own parents sometimes because of their egoistic attitudes. The parents should ensure that they should not come in the ways of blocking the path of normal friendships irrespective of the status difference.

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    The most interesting part of our life is having good friends around us on whom we can lean our shoulder and share good and bad moments of our life and we are very frank and free to share truth of life and that is why we yearn for good friends for sure. The bonding of friendship was well brought by the author and it is the fact that even with odd times of life the friends are the real people to help and make us happy. With friends, we are kept happy, we are kept cheerful and the best things in our life are achieved through the intervention of good friends. And if you ask anyone as to why he or she was happy for the day, the reply would be help from the friend without asking for and that is why what I feel that instead of having many friends, just have few and the bonding would be great and formidable for ever.
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