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    Good sleep is vital for our health

    Having enough sleep is very important for all of us. It will help us to maintain optimal health and well-being. Sleep is also as important as regular exercise to maintain good health. We all think that our eating habits will have a big say in our health. It is true and sleep is also will have an effect on our health condition.

    These days many people will be busy in their works and may not give that much importance to having sufficient sleep. We may not notice the effect of this immediately. But in long run, it will be noticed. So we all should have good sleeping habits so that we will be blessed with good health.

    Good sleep is vital for our health. We will get enough rest by sleeping and this adequate rest will help us in preventing t excess weight gain, heart disease etc.
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    Absolutely. It is not hidden that a good sleep can do wonders. Even with such busy lifestyles it is of utmost necessity that we get good and long lasting sleep. Many day that 6 hours of sleep is must for our body to work efficiently however I believe that the more the better. The more amount of sleep you can gather in your schedule the better will be your body and your health. It is only while we sleep that all out body parts are at rest and our cell are regenerating. So, if we don't acquire the sleep that is needed by our body, our body will slowly degenerate and at the end we won't be able to perform simple tasks. It is only with enough rest that our body and mind can function well. But it is also important to keep in mind that more sleep is also harm for our body. Extra sleep can make us lethargic, lazy as well as cause health problems. So the right amount of sleep is the solution, always.
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    Yes, that's correct and we all should maintain a routine. There may be work pressure and at the same time to continue working with a healthy mind and body taking care of the health is a must. It is recommended to sleep for seven hours a day and if the amount is less it may create complications later on as mentioned in the thread. Lack of sleep will result in less amount of energy to carry out the work and one must remain aware of it. In many cases, a lack of sleep may also lead to depressive disorders which may be a cause of worry. So, if you face any sleep-related disorders do consult with a medical practitioner to address the issue.

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    Though this topic was discussed many a time, it is the fact that sleeping duration varies from the small child to the elder citizens and a good sleep without disturbance is essential for the hassle free work the very next day. For a new born baby 22 hours sleep a day is must for good growth later. For a child below five years, 18 hours sleep a day spread over the 24 hours is must. For the primary student age, the sleep hours is 15 hours spread over the day and for the high school student the sleep hour is 12 hours. For the Youth the good sleeping period is just 10 hours and for those in forties, the sleeping period is 8 hours is enough. And for the elders 6 hours of sound sleep is enough to cope up their work next day. But all these patterns are not followed and invariably people compromise their sleep for other leisure pleasures.
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    Sleep is as important as our food and to sustain a healthy life we need both in the right proportions. We have seen how the cycle of sleep diminishes with ages. For the newly born babies, they need 22 hours sleep for their growth and this tend will show the diminishing trend with the ages stabilising the same at around 6 hours in our old ages. If there is any deviation of the pattern of sleep, it will have its telling effects on our health. Improper sleep might elevate blood pressure, digestive disorder, heat issues and even dementia and all these disorders have been confirmed by the researchers. Any abnormality in this is to be sorted out with proper treatment so that we could enjoy our healthy life.

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    Deep sleep is absolutely a free health care system. Sleep is so important for health that many doctors now prescribe it to patients on prescription. All of the systems inside our body, or all of the network functions in our brain, are rested during sleep. When we can't get enough sleep, their work is disrupted. Most people have no idea how important sleep is. So they don't want to worry about getting enough sleep. Of course, nowadays in this busy social life, spending time with family members, hanging out with friends, watching television is behind all these things, but the whole day goes by. And when it comes to spending time on so many things, we divide the sleep time. So many people give less time for sleep. We should learn the importance of sleep by watching how a small child sleep naturally. So if you want to live to old age, keep your body healthy and sleep well at night.
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