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    Cherishing the colours of emotions

    The two brothers and a sister impatiently waited for their youngest brother, a twelve-year-old son of their maternal aunt, to arrive in their city almost after four years. On the other hand, Sandeep, the youngest of all, was also too excited about meeting his maternal brothers and sister, who were in their mid and late teens. After Sandeep reached Kolkata, all four were overexcited.

    Sandeep hailed from Delhi, so the other three wanted to acquaint the youngest one with Kolkata, the city of joy, through its heritage, cuisine, culture, literature, sports and great personalities. They had already chalked out a set of programs for Sandeep to visit some heritage buildings such as the houses of Tagore and Swami Vivekananda. Even they planned to visit the institutions like Presidency College, Jadavpur University, events and gala shows like Kolkata Book Fair, movies, specific restaurants for Bengali cuisine to make the youngest brother know about his lineage deeply. Learning about Satyajit Ray by visiting Calcutta Film Society and attending Bengali musical shows were also on their wish list for Sandeep.

    Each passing day was giving immense pleasure to Sandeep, and his elder brothers and sister were happy for being able to make Sandeep's visit a memorable one. Another experience for Sandeep was to watch a football match between the two oldest clubs, Mohan Bagan and East Bengal, in the Salt Lake Stadium, a ground for around 85,000 spectators, along with his brothers and a sister. While roaming, none of the young kids missed having tasty dishes and the older ones made sure to treat Sandeep with Bengali sweets and Sweet curd (Mishti Doi). Alas! the day had come when Sandeep had to return to Delhi. All the youngsters were upset, and finally, Sandeep reached Delhi, where his parents were waiting for him impatiently.

    Sandeep was happy to meet his parents after fifteen days. He relayed his tour in detail, and his parents felt his thrill from his affectionate voice and powerful commentary. The parents realised that all the four children had immense fun and frolic. They had splashed Kolkata, the city of joy, with their emotions of love, joy, attachment, and concern for each other. Sandeep's excitement was a pleasure for his parents as they felt that all the four children, unique in their own right, seemed to be a single entity like a colour box full of different colours.

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    A well narrated story by the author. When we meet with our beloved ones and enjoy time with them then that is definitely a time to remember and those memories live in our minds like the fragrance of the colourful flowers. When we are with our friends and family members then time moves very fast and we feel that we should had more time to enjoy in that company. Definitely these are the myriad colours of our lives enthralling us forever.
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    This is a good story. Narrated well. I remember my childhood days. We used to wait eagerly to go to my grandfather's village for summer vacation and after going there we used to wait eagerly for the arrival of our cousins. My sister and cousin are almost the same age and they were two years younger than me. My elder sister is elder to me by two years. We used to play together.
    All of us used to come to a common agreement very easily and there are no disputes. We used to plan our vacation there and we used to visit some important places nearby.
    We will have joy and happiness when we spend time with our near and dear persons and that will be the same as the joy we get seeing a rainbow.

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    When the relatives meet each other, the emotions runs high cutting across their past misgivings and even forgetting the bad deeds. Relations of blood cannot be forgotten and cannot be avoided. The author has penned the story in such a way that emotions between the charters run high and that is what happening in every joint family. When children of almost same age, their emotions run high on every matter and every issue. The joy would double with every act and every move. The attachment of relations grows further when such bondings takes place now and then. One thing is sure, when the elders or the parents are at the logger heads and not in talking terms the children have the great courage to mingle and even prove that the elders are wrong and thus even today the children are best and elders wont talk.
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