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This story wins the first prize for the creative writing contest.
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    When the peacock changed its colour!

    The drawing competition for Group A started which has small kids of below eight years. There are seven chirping participants whereas the youngest participant Raju forgot to bring his colour box. He is only four years old but quite courageous. He didn't say anything to the moderator and made a deal with his fellow competitor Adarsh to share his colour box. During the stipulated time of 45 minutes, the kids started drawing according to their wishes. Raju tried to sketch a peacock having a long feather and Adarsh, 7 years old, sketched a ship.

    Now it's time to apply colours to the respective sketches. Raju thought for a while about the colour of a peacock and looked at the sketch of Adarsh. He found no similarity. Raju has seen the picture of a peacock but couldn't exactly remember its colour. He looked around at a couple of more sketches and finally waited for Adarsh to make the first move with the colour as he will be sharing the colour box of Adarsh. Adarsh used the colour yellow at first and Raju also applied yellow on the head of the peacock. As usual, a ship can have different colours at different places so Adarsh used as many colours as he can. Raju also thought of doing the same thing by applying various colours to different portions of the peacock. On seeing this, Adarsh said loudly "What are you doing? Haven't you seen a peacock?" Raju replied, "Yes, the peacock that I have drawn is an updated version of the one that I have seen." On listening to the statement of Raju, all the competitors including the moderator burst into laughter.

    This is an entry to the photo-based creative writing contest
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    Interesting composition by the author. Sometimes a child does not remember the colours exactly and uses ones memory and imagination to paint the item and that is nothing but a random application of the colours to the object. This might sometimes bring in unpredictable results and sometimes something similar in nature. But creativity has no boundaries and depiction of imagination is sometimes pleasant to our eyes in a soothing manner. It appears that the child in this narration had confidence in his work and was a bit witty also to give an appropriate answer to the comments of others on his work.
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    Raju is a wise and bold boy. He can defend whatever he has done. That is a good indication that the boy is going to be very successful.
    The author has narrated the story well and there is no limitation to the imagination. We can imagine the way we want and it need not be realistic also. The story is only to enjoy and the story is good.
    I remember an incident after reading this story. During my 8th class, there was a test in which we have to draw an experimental set-up and narrate the experiment. My friend was good at drawing and I was good at derailing the experiment. So I managed to draw the set-up by seeing his drawing and he managed the narration by seeing my narration.

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    Very vitty and enjoyable sharing from the author. The story has portrayed different thinking from the minds of the children. That peacock can be of many colors and peacock can be of updated version. But what is more interesting that many of us has not seen the bird in close and while its dancing with feathers apart. One thing is sure when the drawing is made of peacock, it may be white, it may be colors of limited version and it may be all colors as seen in the color box. How the drawing person imagine a peacock is seen here and we have to admit that creativity takes place with every person. Peacock is our national bird and we are fascinated with its dancing and wide feathers and coloring a peacock would be the great work for any child and we must always watch which color they would use most and how it is made.
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