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    The primary pain and the secondary anxiety gives our life discomfort

    The main reason for our life getting into setbacks is that we are not giving credence to the pain and agony that bothers us in the first instance. The primary pain may be small but the feeling of its existence would turn into more anxiety within us and that gives uneasy feelings and even has an effect on the routine and special works slated for the day and our task gets hampered. And if the anxiety keeps on harping us, that leads to discomfort in life to which we make ourselves disabled and not moving forward without any concrete decisions for the future.
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    Yes, it is true that there is pain and anxiety in everyone's life and if we act on it then it can become a curse later in life. The first thing you need to know about dealing with this is not wanting to get rid of it completely. A small amount of anxiety can have a positive effect in some situations. It motivates us to take action, to work harder, and to keep life moving. But there are some pains that arise in your mind from time to time and the cause of the pain will be understood by your mind and it is important to get rid of them immediately.
    Although in most cases there is no place to run from them and no way to physically fight against them. Avoiding them and therefore avoiding them imposes restrictions on living, which is not usually effective. However, if you can strengthen your self-confidence, you can stay free from it. Because when you believe you can, you can, and that's confidence. So this confidence will help you to keep yourself free from all such bad happenings.

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    There will be a cure for physical ailments but it is very difficult to cure mental ill-health. Anxiety is something related to your mind and thought process. One should have control over their mindset and should see that they will not be under stress.
    My father is the best example of this. He will become anxious even for a small health problem for him and he will become restless. This situation leads to some new complications. To come out of this anxiety he will be using almost 6 to 8 tablets a day for the last 18 years. The doctor says he could continue that medication lifelong.
    So anxiety will become a primary problem and pain will become secondary if we continue to be anxious.
    Some people think too much and go to extremes that will make them restless and they will be anxious always.

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