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    Our bizarre thoughts sometimes generate new ideas

    Human mind is a magnificent machine of highest order. It can conceive and compile a large number of ideas and thoughts and assimilate and amalgamate them in fascinating ways. It is said that mind never sleeps and goes on working in the background even when we are sleeping. When we are awake we start thinking additionally over and above that background level. That is the time when we are fully aware and conscious and a bizarre thought pattern grabs our mind under its clutches and a varieties of ideas are generated which we often discard ourselves. But in that flash of conjecturing sometimes some ideas are generated which if converted in action could yield some out of box practical actions. Have you ever experienced something like that? Please share your views on this.
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    Many times it happens. The whole day we will be thinking about an issue and we may not be finding a solution till night. Slowly we will get into sleep and while sleeping also our mind will never stop thinking and all of sudden we will wake up and a flash will come in and a good solution to the problem will come.
    I changed my job in 1988 and the day I joined my new job, my boss gave me a question and expect to be answered by me the next day morning. I know if I come out with a good solution to that, he will get a good impression and the first impression will be the best impression. So I was thinking about that and I went to sleep. Around 3 AM I woke up from my sleep and suddenly I got the answer to that problem. I made a note of it and again slept off. The next day I went to my boss and gave him the solution and he was excited. My career in that company was very good and I started there as a manager and became the CEO of the company and worked for about 28 years.

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    Though I have been confronted with bizarre thoughts and even that generated new vague ideas, that cannot be implemented for many reasons because the dream that was in the background was emanated from my mind and that does not mean others have the say over it and implement it for others. And every thought cannot be put into action just because it was a dream sequence to which real life cannot be put into action. No doubt when we want to implement something, along with peer groups and their ideas amalgamated together would derive the best results and that can be implemented. Like a good film requires from Director to the spot boys, a good idea to implement also requires lots of people to plan and execute the same. So we alone cannot do anything except say the intricacies of the project and important of the same.
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