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    Dr. Mansukh L. Mandaviya- The man leading the world's most successful vaccination drive

    As far as I remember, COVID came to India in December 2019 through a Kerala student studying in Wuhan, China. The virus started spreading very rapidly at that time. The then health minister of Kerala, Ms. KK Sailaja (popularly known as Sailaja Teacher) had been praised by topmost media reporters for checking COVID in the state. She even got the prestigious Central European University (CEU) Open Society Prize in recognition of her commitment to public health services.

    In Delhi, an almost silent Mansukh L. Mandaviya has taken charge as health minister. Immediately after taking charge, he was heavily trolled by many for his hesitating, halting English. But he started his work without any hesitation and doubt. Under his able leadership, India is now running world's biggest vaccination and testing programme. Till yesterday, an astounding 180,97,54,588 vaccine doses have been administered. The lower age group children are now also being covered. Thankfully, COVID cases have now been contained. India is now even exporting vaccines and test kits to other countries. The unassuming health minister of India is leading from the front.

    Although, nobody is talking anymore about the Kerala Model, till now, the unassuming health minister of the country is not even finding any mention anywhere in the media, as if he doesn't even exist.

    But, we, the common people of India, do understand his contribution.

    Thank you, Dr. Mansukh L. Mandaviya! Well done!

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    Yes. I remember that he was made health minister during these crises only. He managed the whole situation very well. India is the number one country that administered more vaccines. In between, there was a problem of availability of vaccines when the states were given independent charge of making their own attempts to get the vaccine. Then again the central government has taken control of the issue and the vaccination drive went on very well. The health minister needs to be congratulated for his excellent efforts in making the drive successful. Now many senior citizens are going for precautionary doses and children above 12 are also being given vaccines.
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    At the outset our country is greatly indebted to thank Mansukh Mandaviya , the health minister for leading and continuing with great vaccination drive and so far covered 180,97,54,588 doses which is astounding performance and he has converted the fear factor of virus into a ordinary flu like situation and now India has been well placed to face any kind of wave and we come out winner with the vaccination done to almost all people except small children. When the first phase was going on, people almost felt a doom for the country and many would die and we must thank our PM Modi for creating confidence and putting the doctors on esteem and thus second and third wave were taken with much courage and driven off. Now fourth wave is starring and we would be successful too. Thanks all the doctors and nurses across the country.
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    I also want to know why Sailaja Teacher got such lavish praise and award when Kerala was and is one of the two worst affected states.
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    Author has shared a good and relevant information in this thread. There are many silent good workers in our system who unfortunately do not get media glare. But many people know about their outstanding contributions and that is sufficient to acknowledge their good work. Actually these people are the real heroes as they do their work honestly and sincerely without looking for any appreciation from any quarter. Today such people have a great hand in the progress of our country in the international scenario. India is becoming a powerful entity in the global context only because there are such people here.
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