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    We need meaningful TV serials in all languages

    Sometime ago, I had mentioned about the fabulous serial called "Sundari", that is now being shown in Telugu and Kannada as well. In fact, this serial has opened up serious debates on the vital subject of women empowerment.

    Television serials have tremendous scope for positively helping shaping the opinion of huge masses of people. We need a drastic change in terms of producing many more such serials. It is high time that small time script writers are encouraged. There are several such writers, who have many such scripts and good stories that support such scripts. There should be attempts to rope these kind of talents, from all over the country.

    Let us take urgent action to make serious attempts at such initiatives. Perhaps those who are in the film industry can help as well. There should be some serious discussion among the film makers, and there should be serious discussions on social media as well.
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    This advice is to be given to the film industry and TV serial making industry. A common man has no role in making the serials. But they are only viewers. TV channels will always go for TRP ratings. What type of TV serials will have more viewers is important. Making serials and telecasting them on TV is a business and money-making process. So they will go by that formula only. Mainly TV serials are being watched by housewives and producers will rely on the formulas which will be liked by them. We see many TV serials where women characters are the leading characters in them. Female heroes will run the serials.
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    After the movies. the small screen daily soaps are being targeted and being remade in other languages. The dubbing serial may not be received well and the producers has to go for total change of cast, the script and screen play to suit the targeted audience. We know the popular Pandian stores serial in Vijay Tv, is now remade and telecast in Hindi as Pandya store. The original Tamil story revolves on four brothers and their living through the stores and how the elder brother wife manages the house with two other sister in law is the essence of story. But in Hindi the story has drifted and added the multi dimension role and the characters are rude and not sober as done in Tamil. So the author might have got the cue as to what I want to say. Dubbed serials has no takers, remake serials take time and more money investment.
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